Southern Limestone Alps

The Southern Limestone Alps (Italian: Alpi Sud-orientali) are the ranges of the Eastern Alps south of the Central Eastern Alps mainly located in northern Italy and the adjacent lands of Austria and Slovenia. The distinction from the Central Alps, where the higher peaks are located, is based on differences in geological composition. The Southern Limestone Alps extend from the Sobretta-Gavia range in Lombardy in the west to the Pohorje in Slovenia in the east.

Southern Limestone Alps
Fanes group of the Dolomites
Highest point
Elevation3,905 m (12,812 ft)
Coordinates46°30′32″N 10°32′42″E
CountriesAustria, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland
Parent rangeEastern Alps
Age of rockMesozoic and Tertiary
Type of rockLimestone and dolomite

Alpine Club classification

Ranges of the Southern Limestone Alps according to the Alpine Club classification (from east to west):


The Southern Alps are a distinct physiographic section of the larger Alps province, which in turn is part of the larger Alpine System physiographic division.

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