Southeastern Massachusetts

Southeastern Massachusetts consists of those portions of Massachusetts that are, by their proximity, economically and culturally linked to Providence, Rhode Island as well as Boston. Despite the location of Cape Cod and the islands to its south, which are the southeasternmost parts of the state, they are not always grouped in this designation. At its broadest definition, it includes all of Massachusetts south of Boston and southeast of Worcester.

Southeastern Massachusetts
Region of Massachusetts
A view from New Bedford overlooking Buzzards Bay
Country United States
State Massachusetts
Largest city (population)New Bedford (95,072)
Largest city (land)Plymouth (134 square miles)
SubregionsCape Cod and Islands, South Coast, South Shore
  Total11,231 km2 (4,336.4 sq mi)
  Land6,092 km2 (2,352.3 sq mi)
  Water5,138 km2 (1,983.9 sq mi)
  Density180/km2 (460/sq mi)


As Southeastern Massachusetts is not an official designation, its borders are not exactly defined.

At its broadest definition, it includes all of Plymouth and Bristol counties (particularly the South Coast along Buzzards Bay and the South Shore), most of the cities and towns in Norfolk County, and even some towns in Worcester County.

The terms "Southeastern Massachusetts," "Southeastern New England", and "Southern New England" are much-used by Providence-area broadcasters and other local companies and organizations but are not used as frequently in other parts of Massachusetts.


The Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District (SRPEDD) task force, which concerns Southeastern Massachusetts in its broadest definition, describes:

For this effort, southeastern [sic] Massachusetts is defined as fifty-two cities and towns from Bristol, Plymouth and Norfolk Counties. The region is geographically defined by Massachusetts Bay, Buzzards Bay, The [sic] Taunton River watershed, and its location relative to Boston, Rhode Island and Cape Cod. Bristol County, Massachusetts and Bristol County, Rhode Island are contiguous and are the only counties in the nation where Portuguese Americans make up the plurality of the population. This is due to the Portuguese-American population, the Portuguese-Brazilian population, and the Portuguese-Cape Verdean population that came to Southern New England in the 19th century to do the much needed whaling work; in fact, New Bedford is called "the Whaling City."

...[it] is home to approximately one million people residing in over 1,300 square miles (3,400 km2). We have been adding 10,000 new residents and consuming 4.7 square miles (12 km2) of undeveloped land each year for the past thirty years, and new transportation improvements (commuter rail, Route 44 and Route 3 & 24 improvements) continue to attract more growth. Southeastern Massachusetts comprises several clearly defined sub-regions, including the South Shore, the South Coast and the Tri-City area around Brockton, Attleboro and Taunton. Despite the diversity within the region, the fifty-two cities and towns all have common concerns and opportunities.[1]

Taunton, Brockton, Fall River, and New Bedford are the largest cities in Southeastern Massachusetts and are close to one another in size. All four have a strong Portuguese presence. In 2000, 43.9% of Fall River residents identified as being of Portuguese heritage. This is the highest percentage of Portuguese Americans in the country. Most of the population claims to be of Azorean origin, many from São Miguel Island. There are smaller, but significant presences of other Portuguese-speaking communities, such as other Azorean Islanders, Portuguese from mainland Portugal, Madeirans, Cape Verdeans, Brazilians, and Angolans. In 2000 New Bedford had the second highest percentage of Portuguese Americans with 38.6% of residents reporting that ancestry. New Bedford is also 8.0% Cape Verdean, 4.39% African American and 7.1% Puerto Rican, and 3% were other Hispanics, In 2000 it was 75% White alone.[2]

Like most of the state, Southeastern Massachusetts is ethnically, racially, linguistically, and Religiously diverse. However, Portuguese-speakers are especially well represented in this area (especially Bristol County) due to a pattern of immigration that began in the 19th century and was tied to the whaling industry. Today, many people in Southeastern Massachusetts, most notability Bristol County, trace their ancestry to mainland Portugal and the Azores. Quincy, Milton, and Randolph are all in Norfolk County and are included in the Southeastern Massachusetts definition; they are populated by Irish Americans, British Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans and Latin Americans. Irish Americans dominate Norfolk County, Bristol County and Plymouth County which has been known as the "Irish Riviera". Cape Verdean Americans, Brazilian Americans, Angolan Americans, African Americans, Arab Americans, Irish Americans, British Americans, Portuguese Americans, Asian Americans, Latin Americans, Spanish Americans, Chinese Americans, Russian Americans, Turkish Americans, German Americans, Polish Americans, Swedish Americans, French Americans, Lebanese Americans, Italian Americans, and Greek Americans preside over Brockton, Taunton, Fall River and New Bedford.[3][4]

Cities and towns

Municipality Type[5] County[6] Form of government[5] Population
AbingtonTownPlymouthOpen town meeting15,9851712
AcushnetTownBristolOpen town meeting10,3031860
AquinnahTownDukesOpen town meeting3111870
AvonTownNorfolkOpen town meeting4,3561888
BellinghamTownNorfolkOpen town meeting16,3321719
BerkleyTownBristolOpen town meeting6,4111735
BlackstoneTownWorcesterOpen town meeting9,0261845
BourneTownBarnstableOpen town meeting19,7541884
BrewsterTownBarnstableOpen town meeting9,8201803
CantonTownNorfolkOpen town meeting21,5611797
CarverTownPlymouthOpen town meeting11,5091790
ChathamTownBarnstableOpen town meeting6,1251712
ChilmarkTownDukesOpen town meeting8661714
CohassetTownNorfolkOpen town meeting7,5421775
DartmouthTownBristolRepresentative town meeting34,0321664
DedhamTownNorfolkRepresentative town meeting24,7291636
DennisTownBarnstableOpen town meeting14,2071793
DightonTownBristolOpen town meeting7,0861712
DouglasTownWorcesterOpen town meeting8,4711775
DoverTownNorfolkOpen town meeting5,5891836
DuxburyTownPlymouthOpen town meeting15,0591637
East BridgewaterTownPlymouthOpen town meeting13,7941823
EasthamTownBarnstableOpen town meeting4,9561646
EastonTownBristolOpen town meeting23,1121725
EdgartownTownDukesOpen town meeting4,0671671
FairhavenTownBristolRepresentative town meeting15,8731812
Fall RiverCityBristolMayor-council88,8571803
FalmouthTownBarnstableRepresentative town meeting31,5311686
FoxboroughTownNorfolkOpen town meeting16,8651778
FreetownTownBristolOpen town meeting8,8701683
GraftonTownWorcesterOpen town meeting17,7651735
GosnoldTownDukesOpen town meeting751864
HalifaxTownPlymouthOpen town meeting7,5181734
HanoverTownPlymouthOpen town meeting13,8791727
HansonTownPlymouthOpen town meeting10,2091820
HarwichTownBarnstableOpen town meeting12,2431694
HinghamTownPlymouthOpen town meeting22,1571635
HolbrookTownNorfolkRepresentative town meeting10,7911872
HopedaleTownWorcesterOpen town meeting5,9111886
HullTownPlymouthOpen town meeting10,2931644
KingstonTownPlymouthOpen town meeting12,6291726
LakevilleTownPlymouthOpen town meeting10,6021853
MansfieldTownBristolOpen town meeting23,1841775
MarionTownPlymouthOpen town meeting4,9071852
MarshfieldTownPlymouthOpen town meeting25,1321640
MashpeeTownBarnstableOpen town meeting14,0061870
MattapoisettTownPlymouthOpen town meeting6,0451857
MedfieldTownNorfolkOpen town meeting12,0241651
MedwayTownNorfolkOpen town meeting12,7521713
MendonTownWorcesterOpen town meeting5,8391667
MiddleboroughTownPlymouthOpen town meeting23,1161669
MilfordTownWorcesterRepresentative town meeting27,9991780
MillburyTownWorcesterOpen town meeting13,2611813
MillisTownNorfolkOpen town meeting7,8911885
MillvilleTownWorcesterOpen town meeting3,1901916
MiltonTownNorfolkRepresentative town meeting27,0031662
NantucketTownNantucketOpen town meeting10,1721671
New BedfordCityBristolMayor-council95,0721787
NorfolkTownNorfolkOpen town meeting11,2271870
North AttleboroughTownBristolRepresentative town meeting28,7121887
NorthbridgeTownWorcesterOpen town meeting15,7071775
NortonTownBristolOpen town meeting19,0311711
NorwellTownPlymouthOpen town meeting10,5061849
NorwoodTownNorfolkRepresentative town meeting28,6021872
Oak BluffsTownDukesOpen town meeting4,5271880
OrleansTownBarnstableOpen town meeting5,8901797
PembrokeTownPlymouthOpen town meeting17,8371712
PlainvilleTownNorfolkOpen town meeting8,2641905
PlymouthTownPlymouthRepresentative town meeting56,4681620
PlymptonTownPlymouthOpen town meeting2,8201707
ProvincetownTownBarnstableOpen town meeting2,9421727
RaynhamTownBristolOpen town meeting13,3831731
RehobothTownBristolOpen town meeting11,6081645
RochesterTownPlymouthOpen town meeting5,2321686
RocklandTownPlymouthOpen town meeting17,4891874
SandwichTownBarnstableOpen town meeting20,6751638
ScituateTownPlymouthOpen town meeting18,1331636
SeekonkTownBristolOpen town meeting13,7221812
SharonTownNorfolkOpen town meeting17,6121775
SomersetTownBristolOpen town meeting18,1651790
StoughtonTownNorfolkRepresentative town meeting26,9621726
SuttonTownWorcesterOpen town meeting8,9631714
SwanseaTownBristolOpen town meeting15,8651667
TisburyTownDukesOpen town meeting3,9491671
TruroTownBarnstableOpen town meeting2,0031709
UptonTownWorcesterOpen town meeting7,5421735
UxbridgeTownWorcesterOpen town meeting13,4571727
WalpoleTownNorfolkRepresentative town meeting24,0701724
WarehamTownPlymouthOpen town meeting21,8221739
WellfleetTownBarnstableOpen town meeting2,7501775
West BridgewaterTownPlymouthOpen town meeting6,9161822
West TisburyTownDukesOpen town meeting2,7401892
WestportTownBristolOpen town meeting15,5321787
WestwoodTownNorfolkOpen town meeting14,6181897
WhitmanTownPlymouthOpen town meeting14,4891875
WrenthamTownNorfolkOpen town meeting10,9551673
YarmouthTownBarnstableOpen town meeting23,7931639

The following tabular list shows the 12 government divisions of Southeastern Massachusetts which have been officially granted the right to use the city form of government along with the official name in use by each municipality.[Note 1]

MunicipalityOfficial nameWeb reference
AttleboroCity of Attleboro
BarnstableTown of Barnstable
BraintreeTown of Braintree
BridgewaterTown of Bridgewater
BrocktonCity of Brockton
Fall RiverCity of Fall River
FranklinTown of Franklin
New BedfordCity of New Bedford
QuincyCity of Quincy
Randolph[9]Town of Randolph
TauntonCity of Taunton
WeymouthTown of Weymouth

Census-designated places


Institutions of higher learning which serve Southeastern Massachusetts communities include:


  1. The main source for the table is the Massachusetts Municipal Association 2009-2010 Municipal Directory Archived 2013-06-15 at the Wayback Machine. The MMA Directory is not an official state document, but is more up to date and specific than the official list from the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth's office, which is dated 03-11-2008 and does not include Palmer, Randolph and Winthrop, which have since adopted the city form of government.


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