Southeast Asian Linguistics Society

The Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (SEALS) is a linguistic society dedicated to the study of languages and linguistics in mainland and insular Southeast Asia. It was founded in 1991 by Martha Ratliff and Eric Schiller.[1] Paul Sidwell is currently the president of SEALS.


The Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (JSEALS) is the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society's peer-reviewed journal. JSEALS covers research on the languages of mainland and insular Southeast Asia, including Sino-Tibetan, Austroasiatic, Kra-Dai, Hmong-Mien, and Austronesian languages. It is an open-access journal and is published through the University of Hawaii Press. The current Editor-in-Chief is Mark Alves.


The Southeast Asian Linguistics Society holds annual conferences (meetings) generally in late May. Usually, 50-100 papers are presented in 2–3 days. Papers and presentations are archived online, with the exception of some earlier conferences.

List of SEALS conferences
Conference Venue City Country Year Dates
SEALS 1Arizona State UniversityTempe, ArizonaUnited States1991
SEALS 2Arizona State UniversityTempe, ArizonaUnited States1992
SEALS 3University of Hawai'i, ManoaHonoluluUnited States1993May 7-May 10
SEALS 4Ramkhamhaeng University / Payap UniversityBangkok / Chiang MaiThailand1994May 23-May 27
SEALS 5University of ArizonaTucsonUnited States1995May 19-May 21
SEALS 6University of OregonEugene, OregonUnited States1996

May 11-May 13

SEALS 7University of Illinois, Urbana-ChampaignUrbana-ChampaignUnited States1997May 9-May 11
SEALS 8National University of MalaysiaBangi, SelangorMalaysia1998July 20-July 22
SEALS 9University of California, BerkeleyBerkeleyUnited States1999
SEALS 10University of Wisconsin, MadisonMadison, WisconsinUnited States2000
SEALS 11Mahidol UniversityBangkokThailand2001
SEALS 12Northern Illinois UniversityDeKalb, IllinoisUnited States2002
SEALS 13University of California, Los AngelesLos AngelesUnited States2003
SEALS 14Thammasat UniversityBangkokThailand2004
SEALS 15Australian National UniversityCanberraAustralia2005
SEALS 16Atma Jaya UniversityJakartaIndonesia2006September 20-September 21
SEALS 17University of MarylandCollege Park, MarylandUnited States2007August 31-September 2
SEALS 18National University of MalaysiaBangi, SelangorMalaysia2008May 21-May 22
SEALS 19University of Social Sciences and HumanitiesHo Chi Minh CityVietnam2009
SEALS 20University of ZurichZurichSwitzerland2010June 10-June 11
SEALS 21Kasetsart UniversityBangkokThailand2011May 11-May 13
SEALS 22Agay Seaside ResortAgay, Saint-Raphaël, VarFrance2012May 30-June 2
SEALS 23Chulalongkorn UniversityBangkokThailand2013May 29-June 1
SEALS 24University of YangonYangonMyanmar2014May 28-May 31
SEALS 25Payap UniversityChiang MaiThailand2015May 27-May 29
SEALS 26Century Park HotelManilaPhilippines2016May 26–28
SEALS 27Kyriad Hotel BumiminangPadangIndonesia2017May 11-13
SEALS 28Wenzao Ursuline University of LanguagesKaohsiungTaiwan2018May 17-19
SEALS 29Tokyo University of Foreign StudiesTokyoJapan2019May 27-29

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