South of Scotland Football League

The South of Scotland Football League (SoSFL) is a senior football competition based in south-west Scotland. The league sits at level 6 on the pyramid system, on par with the East of Scotland Football League and acts as a feeder to the Lowland Football League. It is currently composed of 16 member clubs in a single division.

South of Scotland Football League
Founded1892 (original)
1946 (current)
Number of teams16
Level on pyramid6
Promotion toLowland Football League
Domestic cup(s)Scottish Cup
South Region Challenge Cup
League cup(s)South of Scotland League Cup
Cree Lodge Cup
Haig Gordon Cup
Potts Cup
Southern Counties Challenge Cup
Tweedie Cup
Current championsStranraer reserves
Most championships14 titles
Stranraer Reserves
WebsiteOfficial Website
2019–20 South of Scotland Football League

Since 2014–15, the winners of the East of Scotland Football League and the South of Scotland Football League take part in an end of season play-off for a place in the Lowland Football League, subject to both clubs meeting the licensing criteria for promotion.


Original league

A league of the same name briefly existed during the early days of competitive football. The original South of Scotland Football League was created in 1892–93 and featured seven clubs:

The clubs preferred to play in cup competitions and traditional friendlies, so most of the league fixtures were not played. The competition was subsequently abandoned and no championship was awarded.

Current league

When league football was re-established in 1946, the title Southern Counties League could not be used because Ayr United 'A' and Kilmarnock 'A' were not members of the Southern Counties F.A.. Instead, the new competition was called the South of Scotland Football League. The first season saw the league played in two sections, East and West, but it has been played as a single league ever since.

Teams play each other on a home and away basis. In seasons where league membership has been low, clubs have played each other four times, instead of the usual twice. Recent changes in league membership have been:

  • Stranraer Athletic withdrew from the league at the end of the 2007–08 season.
  • The newly formed Gretna 2008, founded to replace the Gretna team that had been forced to dissolve following its meteoric rise to the Scottish Premier League between 2002 and 2007, applied to join the South of Scotland League, but then joined the East of Scotland Football League instead.
  • Annan Athletic withdrew their reserve team from the league at the end of the 2008–09 season, so that they could concentrate on the SFL Under-19 League and the Reserve League West.
  • Stranraer withdrew their reserve team from the league at the end of the 2011–12 season.[1]
  • Dalbeattie Star and Threave Rovers withdrew from the league at the end of the 2012–13 season to join the newly formed Scottish Lowland Football League.[2]
  • After 44 Seasons in the Dumfries and District Amateur Football League, champions Lochar Thistle were elected to the league for the start of the 2013–14 season.
  • Three new teams Dumfries YMCA, Edusport Academy and Upper Annandale were elected to the league for the 2014–15 Season.[3]
  • Threave Rovers rejoined in 2016 after resigning their membership of the Lowland League while Fleet Star withdrew from the league but will still field a team in the 2016–17 South Challenge Cup.[4] Crichton, who were saved from folding last season by a merger with Lochmaben Amateurs, have taken the Lochmaben name and moved to Lockerbie.[5]

Member clubs

Team Location Home ground Capacity Seats Floodlit
Abbey ValeNew AbbeyMaryfield Park1,000[6]0No
Bonnyton ThistleKilmarnockBonnyton Park1,000[7]100Yes
CreetownCreetownCastlecary Park1,000[8]0No
Dumfries YMCADumfriesKingholm Park500[9]0Yes
Edusport Academy reserves Motherwell Alliance Park TBC[10] 100 Yes
Heston RoversDumfriesPalmerston Park8,690[11]3,377Yes
Lochar ThistleDumfriesNorth West Community Campus1,000[12]0Yes
LochmabenLockerbieNew King Edward Park1,000[13]0No
Mid-AnnandaleLockerbieNew King Edward Park1,000[14]0No
Newton StewartNewton StewartBlairmount Park1,500[15]0Yes
Nithsdale WanderersSanquharLorimer Park1,000[16]0Yes
St Cuthbert WanderersKirkcudbrightSt Mary's Park2,000[17]0Yes
Stranraer reservesStranraerStair Park4,178[18]1,830Yes
Threave RoversCastle DouglasMeadow Park1,500[19]Yes
Upper AnnandaleMoffatMoffat Academy1,000[20]0No
Wigtown & BladnochWigtownTrammondford Park888[21]0No

League membership

Bold indicates a current league member.

Club Years Active
Abbey Vale 2001–
Annan Athletic 1977–1987
Annan Athletic Reserves 1987–1991, 1992–2009, 2017-2019
Ayr United 'A' 1946–1948
Bonnyton Thistle 2017–
Creetown 1946–1948, 1972–
Crichton 1992–2016
Dalbeattie Star 1946–1947, 1976–2001, 2009–2012
Dalbeattie Star Reserves 2001–2009
Dumfries 2000–2008
Dumfries High School Former Pupils 1994–2000
Dumfries United 1987–1988
Dumfries YMCA 2014–
Edusport Academy 2014–2017
Edusport Academy Reserves 2019–
Fleet Star 2004–2016
Girvan 1951–1962, 1975–2005
Glenluce 1948–1950
Gretna Reserves 2001–2003
Gretna Community 1991–1992
Greystone Rovers 1956–1958
Heathhall Athletic 1948–1950
Heston Rovers 2008–
Kilmarnock 'A' 1946–1948
Lincluden Swifts 1977–1980
Lochar Thistle 2013–
Lochmaben 2016–
Maxwelltown High School Former Pupils 1990–2000
Mid-Annandale 2003–
Newton Stewart 1946–
Nithsdale Wanderers (1) 1946–1947, 1948–1950
Nithsdale Wanderers (2) 2001–
Queen of the South Reserves 1972–1973, 1992–1993, 1996–1997, 2003–2004
RAF West Freugh 1948–1949
St Cuthbert Wanderers 1946–
Solway Star 1946–1947
Stranraer 1946–1949
Stranraer Reserves 1949–1988, 1990–1991, 2003–2004, 2007–2012, 2017-
Stranraer Athletic 1995–2008
Tarff Rovers 1946–1988, 1990–2003
Threave Rovers 1959–1998, 2004–2012, 2016–
Upper Annandale 2014–
Whithorn 1946–1959, 1962–1963, 1964–69
Wigtown & Bladnoch 1946–2017, 2018–


  1. Crichton was known as Blackwood Dynamos until 1999. The club was to be called Crichton Royal, but the suffix has never been used.
  2. Dumfries was formed by the merger of Dumfries High School Former Pupils and Dumfries Amateurs.
  3. Heston Rovers Youth (formed in 1978) merged with Dumfries in 2008, retaining Heston Rovers as the name of the new club.
  4. Annan Athletic (1987–2008), Dalbeattie Star (2001–2009) and Threave Rovers (1998–2004) have all run teams in the East of Scotland League. From the 2008–09 season, Annan Athletic has played in the Scottish Football League. Dalbeattie Star and Threave Rovers joined the newly formed Scottish Lowland Football League for the 2013–14 season.
  5. The following clubs have resigned during the season:
  • Creetown 1975–76
  • Girvan 1978–79
  • Gretna Community 1991–92
  • RAF West Freugh 1948–49
  • St Cuthbert Wanderers 1977-78
  • Wigtown & Bladnoch 1962–63 and 1972–73
  • Dumfries United resigned prior to the start of the 1987–88 season.

Cup competitions

In 1950, the league's membership had been reduced to just seven clubs. To compensate for the lack of fixtures, the League Cup was introduced. The final is usually contested by the winners of two mini-leagues, but has also been played as a straight knock-out competition. There was no separate League Cup competition between 1962–1968 and 1973–1975. Instead the trophy was awarded to the runner-up in the League. The Southern Counties Cup, also known as the Challenge Cup, is the league's main knockout competition. It has been played for since 1891, and the first winners were the 5th Kirkcudbrightshire Rifle Volunteers. Newton Stewart, St Cuthbert Wanderers and Wigtown & Bladnoch are full members of the Scottish Football Association and are therefore allowed to enter the Scottish Cup, as are the winners of the league.


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