South Seas genre

The South Seas genre is a genre of literature, film, or entertainment (such as Tiki culture) that is set in Oceania.[1]

Though many Hollywood films were produced on studio backlots or Santa Catalina Island, the first feature non documentary film made on a Tahiti location was Lost and Found on a South Sea Island.

Elements of the genre may include:

Noted authors of the genre, and key works, include

Noted Authors

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South Sea stories in film and television
Year Title Filmmakers Notes
1922 Ebb Tide Based on novel by Robert Louis Stevenson
1928 Sadie Thompson Starring Gloria Swanson Based on "Rain"
1929 South Sea Rose
1931 Tabu: A Story of the South Seas
1932 Rain Starring Joan Crawford Based on "Rain"
1933 In the Wake of the Bounty Directed by Charles Chauvel, starring Errol Flynn Semi-documentary
1935 Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) Based on the novel by Nordhoff and Hall
1935 Last of the Pagans Based on Typee
1937 Lovers and Luggers Set on Thursday Island
1937 Ebb Tide Based on novel by Stevenson
1938 Vessel of Wrath Based on novel by Maugham
1938 Her Jungle Love' Starring Dorothy Lamour
1940 Seven Sinners Starring John Wayne
1940 Road to Singapore Starring Dorothy Lamour
1940 Typhoon Starring Dorothy Lamour
1941 Aloma of the South Seas Starring Jon Hall and Dorothy Lamour
1941 South of Pago Pago Starring Jon Hall and Frances Farmer
1942 Pardon My Sarong Starring Abbott and Costello
1942 The Moon and Sixpence Based on a novel by Maugham
1942 The Tuttles of Tahiti Starring Jon Hall and Charles Laughton Based on the novel by Nordhoff and Hall
1942 Beyond the Blue Horizon Starring Dorothy Lamour
1943 White Savage Starring Jon Hall, Maria Montez
1944 Rainbow Island
1947 High Barbaree Based on novel by Nordhoff and Hall
1947 Adventure Island Based on Ebb Tide by Stevenson
1948 On an Island with You Starring Esther Williams
1948 Wake of the Red Witch Starring John Wayne
1949 Omoo-Omoo, the Shark God
1950 Mutiny on the Bunny Cartoon
1950 Kon-Tiki Documentary
1950 Pagan Love Song Starring Esther Williams
1950 On the Isle of Samoa Starring Jon Hall
1950 South Sea Sinner Remake of Seven Sinners
1951 Bird of Paradise
1951 China Corsair Starring Jon Hall
1951 Smuggler's Island Starring Jeff Chandler
1952 Road to Bali Starring Dorothy Lamour
1953 Miss Sadie Thompson (1953) Starring Rita Hayworth Based on "Rain"
1953 Botany Bay Based on novel by Nordoff and Hall
1953 Return to Paradise Based on a short story by James Michener
1954 His Majesty O'Keefe Starring Burt Lancaster
1954 The Beachcomber Based on novel by Maugham
1954 King of the Coral Sea Set on Thursday Island
1956 The Women of Pitcairn Island
1957 Hell Ship Mutiny Starring Jon Hall
1958 The Stowaway
1958 South Pacific Based on the musical
1958 Enchanted Island Based on Typee
1959 The Restless and the Damned
1961 The Devil at 4 O'Clock Based on novel by Max Catto
1959-62 Adventures in Paradise Based on story by Michener
1962 Mutiny on the Bounty (1962) Based on novel by Nordoff and Hall
1962 Tiara Tahiti
1963 Donovan's Reef
1966 Hawaii Based on novel by Michener
1970 The Hawaiians Based on novel by Michener
1979 The Hurricane Based on the novel by Nordohff and Hall
1983 Nate and Hayes Story of Bully Hayes
1984 The Bounty
1998 Six Days, Seven Nights
2001 South Pacific Adaptation of musical
2003 Paradise Found Biopic of Paul Gaugin
2012 The Legend
2012 Kon-Tiki


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