South Coast Pipe

Pipeline (also known as Black Rock, Wreck Bay or Summercloud Bay) is one of the most famous surf spots on the South Coast of New South Wales Australia (though it is technically in the Jervis Bay Territory). It takes its name from the most famous break in the world: Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii because both breaks share many characteristics. It was originally known as just "Pipeline" or "Wreck Bay" by the small numbers of surfers who knew about it in the second half of the 1960s. The term "Black Rock" was coined by an Australia Surfing Magazine in 1970 but its location remained much a mystery to the public until the late 1980s.


It is located 3 hours from Sydney in the Booderee National Park just south of Jervis Bay on the western point of Summercloud bay. The nearest town is the Aboriginal community of Wreck Bay Village.


Pipeline is a hollow intense left tube, also available is the shorter right-hander (depending on swell direction). Best anywhere from 3-8ft from the south with NW-E winds. Pipe can also hold 10 or even 12ft tubes if the conditions are optimal.[1]


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