Sophia River

The Sophia River, part of the Pieman River catchment, is a perennial river located in the West Coast region of Tasmania, Australia.

Location of the Sophia River mouth in Tasmania
RegionWest Coast
Physical characteristics
SourceWest Coast Range
  locationbelow Sophia Peak
  coordinates41°47′40″S 145°46′57″E
  elevation408 m (1,339 ft)
MouthMackintosh River
Lake Mackintosh
41°45′31″S 145°40′9″E
221 m (725 ft)
Length20 km (12 mi)
Basin features
River systemPieman River catchment
ReservoirsLake Mackintosh

Course and features

The Sophie River rises below Sophie Peak, part of the West Coast Range within the Granite Tor Conservation Area. The river flows generally west by north and reaches its confluence with the Mackintosh River within Lake Mackintosh. The river descends 187 metres (614 ft) over its 20-kilometre (12 mi) course.[1]

Lake Mackintosh and several adjoining reservoirs form part of the Pieman River Power Development scheme and some of the flow of the Sophie River supplies the Mackintosh Power Station for the generation of hydroelectricity. The Sophia Tunnel feeder from Murchison Dam has its outlet near Sophia River.[2] The Sophia Adit, a small tunnel for maintaining the Sophia Tunnel, is located adjacent to the river.[3]


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