Society of Australian Genealogists

The Society of Australian Genealogists was founded in 1932 in Sydney, New South Wales, to further the interests and education of its members in genealogy. It is the oldest genealogical society in Australia, with its headquarters and research library located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is managed by an Executive Officer under the direction of a governing council.[1]


The principal object of the Society is to advance genealogical education using its large collections of published and manuscript material to assist researchers. Online research guides and a comprehensive education programme also contribute. The Society's first journal, The Australian Genealogist, was published from January 1933 until it was forced to cease publication in 1959 through lack of resources. The current journal, Descent, was first published in January 1961 and has been published quarterly ever since.[2]

SAG's library catalogue is available online and lists genealogical books, microfilms, CDs and other resources. The Manuscript and Image Collection features over 28,000 files containing family papers, pedigrees, photographs, certificates, unpublished research notes, other documents and memorabilia from Australia and overseas, donated by members and their families.[3]


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