Society for Applied Microbiology

The Society for Applied Microbiology (SfAM) is the voice of applied microbiology and oldest microbiology society in the UK founded in 1931. Its object is to advance for the benefit of the public the science of microbiology in its application to the environment, human and animal health, agriculture and industry.[1] SfAM is an active member of the Royal Society of Biology, and the Federation of European Microbiological Societies. The Society's current president is Professor Mark Fielder.[2]

Society for Applied Microbiology
Founded1931 (1931)
HeadquartersLABS, 90 High Holborn, London WC1V 6LJ, United Kingdom
2,788 (2016)
Key people
President: Professor Mark Fielder


The society is responsible for the publication of five academic journals:

The Society also publishes the quarterly magazine Microbiologist.[3]


SfAM holds a number of scientific meetings every year including the Annual Applied Microbiology Conference, and two lecture evenings which celebrate the success of the journals Environmental Microbiology and the Journal of Applied Microbiology.


SfAM is based in the United Kingdom and has members from all over the world. There are several membership levels enabling anyone with an interest in microbiology become eligible for membership.[4] The Early Career Scientists (ECS) group is part of SfAM and is dedicated to all members who have just begun their scientific careers in microbiology.[5]

Grants and awards

The Society has an extensive range of grants and awards available to all Members.[6]

W H Pierce Prize

This award was instituted in 1984 to commemorate the life and works of the late W H (Bill) Pierce, former Chief Bacteriologist of Oxo Ltd. and a long time member of the Society. This prestigious prize is awarded each year at the Annual Applied Microbiology Conference to a young microbiologist who has made a substantial contribution to the science of applied microbiology. Application is by nomination by Members of the Society only.[7]

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