Socialist Party of Ohio

The Socialist Party of Ohio (SPOH) is a socialist political party in the U.S. state of Ohio. Founded in 1901, the SPO was an affiliate of the Socialist Party of America. Since the 1972 renaming of the SPA to Social Democrats, USA, it has been the state chapter of the Socialist Party USA (SPUSA).

Socialist Party of Ohio
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationSocialist Party USA
SP Ohio (Archived)

Socialist Party of America

The Socialist Party of Ohio was founded in 1901 and inherited a tradition of independent labor political organization. It grew modestly from its establishment until the Panic of 1907 and then again during the years immediately before World War I.[1]

2010 campaign for the U.S. Senate

The Socialist Party of Ohio qualified for ballot access[2] in the United States Senate election in Ohio, 2010. SPOH candidate Dan La Botz received 25 368 votes (0.68%); the Republican winner Rob Portman received 2.125 million votes (57.25%) and the Democratic candidate Lee Fisher received 1.448 million votes (39.00%).[3]

United States Senate election in Ohio, 2010  [3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican Rob Portman 2,125,810 57.25% -6.61%
Democratic Lee Fisher 1,448,092 39.00% +2.85%
Constitution Eric Deaton 64,017 1.72% N/A
Independent Michael Pryce 48,653 1.31% N/A
Socialist Daniel La Botz 25,368 0.68% N/A
N/A Arthur Sullivan (write-in) 1,512 0.04% N/A
Majority 677,718 18.25%
Total votes 3,713,452 100.0
Republican hold Swing


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