Social Democrat Radical Party

The Social Democrat Radical Party (Partido Radical Socialdemócrata, PRSD; also translated as the Radical Social Democratic Party)[6][7] is a social democratic political party in Chile.

Social Democrat Radical Party

Partido Radical Socialdemócrata
LeaderCarlos Maldonado
Secretary-GeneralMauricio Andrews
Chief of DeputiesJosé Pérez
Chief of Senators
Founded18 August 1994
Merger ofRadical Party and Social Democracy Party
HeadquartersMiraflores 495 Santiago
Youth wingJuventud Radical
Membership (2017)30,779 (5th)[1]
Social liberalism
Social democracy
Political positionCentre[2][3] to centre-left[4]
National affiliationNueva Mayoría
International affiliationSocialist International[5]
Colours     Red
Chamber of Deputies
8 / 155
0 / 43
Regional Councils
12 / 278
9 / 345
Communal Councils
171 / 2,224

The party was founded on 18 August 1994 out of a union between the Radical Party and the Social Democracy Party, both of which had received poor results in the parliamentary elections.

The party supported Ricardo Lagos in the 1999–2000 presidential elections, who won 48.0% in the first round and was elected with 51.3% in the second round. At the 2001 legislative elections, the party won as part of the Concertación 6 out of 120 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and no seats in the Senate. This changed at the 2005 legislative elections to 7 and 1, respectively. In 2009, it won 5 congress seats and 1 senate seat.

The party is a member of Socialist International.

Executive board

The current party executive assumed in August 2018.

PresidentCarlos Maldonado
First Vice PresidentAlberto Robles MP
Second Vice PresidentMarcela Hernando
Third Vice PresidentFernando Meza MP
Vice President for WomenJacqueline Castillo
Secretary-GeneralMauricio Andrews
Under-secretary GeneralLeonardo Cubillos
Secretary for Control and OrganisationOscar Araya
TreasurerMario Perez
Secretary for RegionsEduardo Vivanco
Electoral SecretaryRosa Fuenzalida
International SecretaryRicardo Navarrete
Secretary for CommunicationsRobert Guevara

Leaders of the PRSD (1994–present)

LeaderTitles in officeTook officeLeft officeNotes
Anselmo SuleSenator for O'Higgins (until 1998)18 August 19947 June 2002
(died in office)
First direct elected leader of the PRSD.
Orlando Cantuarias (acting)None7 June 200225 October 2002Acting leader after Sule's death
Patricio TomboliniUnder-Secretary for Transport25 October 20027 January 2003[8]Second direct elected leader. Resigned after a Corruption scandal (Caso Coimas) as the First Deputy Leader.
Orlando Cantuarias (acting)None7 January 2003[8]3 April 2004[9]Acting leader after Tombolini's resignation as the First Deputy Leader.
Augusto Parra (acting)Senator appointed by the President of Chile as a former chancellor of the University of Concepción3 April 200419 April 2004[10]Appointed as Acting leader by the PRSD National Committee
Enrique Silva CimmaSenator appointed by the Comptroller General of Chile19 April 2004[10]28 February 2005Appointed as Leader by the PRSD National Committee
José Antonio Gómez UrrutiaSenator for Antofagasta28 February 200530 December 2009[11][12]Third direct elected leader. Resigned after the 2009 Chilean parliamentary election
Fernando Meza (acting)MP for Toltén valley30 December 2009[11][12]21 January 2010[13]Acting leader after Gomez's resignation as the First Deputy Leader.
José Antonio Gómez UrrutiaSenator for Antofagasta21 January 2010[13]15 March 2014[14]Appointed as Leader by the PRSD National Committee
Ricardo Navarrete (acting)None15 March 2014[14]16 May 2014[15]Acting leader after Gomez's resignation as the First Deputy Leader. He resigned to be Chilean embassador in Colombia.
Iván Mesías Lehu (acting)None16 May 2014[15]4 August 2014Acting leader after Navarrete's resignation as the Second Deputy Leader.
Ernesto VelascoNone4 August 2014[16]IncumbentFourth direct elected leader of the party.

Election results

Due to its membership in the Concert of Parties for Democracy, the party has endorsed the candidates of other parties on several occasions. Presidential elections in Chile are held using a two-round system, the results of which are displayed below.

Presidential elections

Elections for President of Chile
Date Candidate Party Round I Round II Result
% %
1999 Ricardo Lagos PPD 48.0 51.3 Victory
2005 Michelle Bachelet PS 46.0 53.5 Victory
2009 Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle PDC 29.6 48.4 Defeat
2013 Michelle Bachelet PS 46.7 62.2 Victory
2017 Alejandro Guillier Independent 22.7 45.4 Defeat

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  • Dietmar Arundel (2013). Over the Edge. Leftpopulists in the Early 21st Century in Latin America. North Dakota State University Press.


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