Société Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de Télévision

The Broadcasting and Television National Company (Arabic: الشَرِكَة الوَطَنِيَّة لِلْإِذَاعَة وَالتَلْفَزَة, aš-šarika al-waṭaniyya li-l-ʾiḏāʿa wa-t-talfaza; French: Société nationale de radiodiffusion et de télévision, SNRT) is the public broadcaster of Morocco. It was formerly called Moroccan Radio and Television (RTM) from 1956 and Radiodiffusion-Télévision Marocaine (RTM) from 1961. Radio-Maroc was one of the founding members of the European Broadcasting Union in 1950 and continued as an active member until 1 January 1961 when RTM changed its affiliation to associate membership. In 1969 RTM was readmitted as an active member.
The SNRT is a shareholder in Euronews, and a member of the European Broadcasting Union.[1]

الشركة الوطنية للإذاعة والتلفزة
Société nationale de radiodiffusion et de télévision
Government-owned corporation
IndustryMass media
GenrePublic broadcasting services et
FoundedFebruary, 15th 1928
FounderMoroccan Government
Area served
Morocco, Europe, Middle East
Key people
Fayçal Laâraïchi, President (PDG)
ServicesTelevision, radio, online
OwnerGovernment of Morocco
Number of employees

Role as a public broadcaster

In the exercise of its public service function, among the obligations of the SNRT Corporation are:

  • Promote dissemination and awareness of constitutional principles and civic values.
  • Guarantee the objectivity and truthfulness of the information provided, while ensuring that a broad range of views is presented.
  • Facilitate democratic debate and the free expression of opinion.
  • Promote the territorial cohesion and linguistic and cultural diversity of Morocco.
  • Offer access to different genres of programming and to the institutional, social, cultural, and sporting events that are of interest to all sectors of the audience, paying attention to those topics that are of special interest to the public.
  • To serve the widest audience, ensuring maximum continuity and geographical and social coverage, with a commitment to quality, diversity, innovation, and high ethical standards.


SNRT currently runs ten television channels:

  • Al Aoula (SNRT 1): also called TVM (Télévision marocaine, Arabic: التلفزة المغربية) is a Moroccan Public broadcasting station and the first television channel of SNRT. The station broadcasts in both Arabic and French.
  • Arryadia (SNRT 3 SAT)
  • Arryadia TNT (SNRT 3 TNT)
  • Arrabia (SNRT 4): is an educational and cultural channel.
  • Al Maghribia (SNRT 5): the international TV of the SNRT.
  • Assadissa (SNRT 6)
  • Aflam TV (SNRT 7): a Movies (Moroccan) which is broadcast via DVB-T only.
  • Tamazight TV (SNRT 8): is a Berber-language TV channel of SNRT .
  • Laayoune TV (SNRT Layounne): a Regional TV for Moroccan Sahara Citizens.


SNRT currently runs four national radio stations, alongside several regional radio stations:

  • National stations
  • Main regional stations
    • SNRT FM Casablanca
    • SNRT FM Tanger
    • SNRT FM Marrakech
    • SNRT FM Laâyounne
    • SNRT FM Fes

SNRT Online Media

SNRT offers an online portal at The website is managed by SNRT's Interactive Media department and allows users to listen and watch live feeds of the network's radio and television stations. The portal also features blogs, news stories.


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