Smlednik (pronounced [ˈsmleːdnik]; German: Flödnig[2]) is a village on the left bank of the Sava River in the Municipality of Medvode in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia.[3]

Location in Slovenia
Coordinates: 46°9′47.35″N 14°25′50.3″E
Country Slovenia
Traditional regionUpper Carniola
Statistical regionCentral Slovenia
  Total6.37 km2 (2.46 sq mi)
349.3 m (1,146.0 ft)


Smlednik was attested in written sources in 1136 as Fledinich (and as Vlednich in 1214 and Vlednic in 1228). The origin of the name is unclear. A possible derivation is from the common noun smled 'hog's fennel', referring to the local vegetation. Other explanations include the obsolete Slovene common noun smled 'watchpost', or the root *mlědъ 'deciduous woods' or 'sparse woods', but neither of these is linguistically convincing.[4] In the past the German name was Flödnig.[2]


The parish church in the settlement is dedicated to Saint Ulrich (Slovene: Sveti Urh).[5]


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