Slovak Basketball League

The Slovenská Basketbalová Liga (SBL) (English: Slovak Basketball League) is the highest level tier league of men's professional club basketball in Slovakia. The league was founded in 1993. MBK Pezinok is the league's most successful team, having won a league record 9 championships. Before 2014, the league was named the Extraliga.

Eurovia SBL
Founded1993 (1993)
First season1993
ConfederationFIBA Europe (Europe)
Number of teams10
Level on pyramid1
Relegation to1. Liga
Domestic cup(s)Slovak Cup
Current championsInter Bratislava (5th title)
Most championshipsPezinok (9 titles)
2018–19 Slovak Basketball League


Season Champions Runners-up Finals score
1993BK Davay PezinokVŠDS Žilina
1993–94BC PrievidzaSlovakofarma Pezinok
1994–95BC PrievidzaSlovakofarma Pezinok
1995–96Inter BratislavaBC Prievidza
1996–97Slovakofarma PezinokChemosvit Svit
1997–98Slovakofarma PezinokChemosvit Svit
1998–99Slovakofarma PezinokInter Bratislava
1999–00Slovakofarma PezinokInter Bratislava
2000–01Slovakofarma PezinokChemosvit Svit
2001–02Slovakofarma PezinokChemosvit Svit
2002–03Chemosvit SvitMBK Lučenec
2003–04MBK LučenecChemosvit Svit
2004–05SPU NitraBaník Handlová
2005–06MBK LučenecBaník Handlová
2006–07Slávia TU KošiceInter Bratislava4–0
2007–08Skanska PezinokInter Bratislava3–1
2008–09SPU NitraAB Cosmetics Pezinok3–2
2009–10Basketbal PezinokSPU Nitra3–2
2010–11Astrum LeviceSPU Nitra3–2
2011–12BC PrievidzaRieker Komárno3–1
2012–13Inter BratislavaRieker Komárno4–3
2013–14Inter BratislavaPrievidza4–0
2014–15Rieker KomárnoPrievidza4–3
2015–16BC PrievidzaRieker Komárno4–1
2016–17Inter BratislavaRieker Komárno4–1
2017–18Levickí PatriotiKošice4–1
2018–19Inter BratislavaPrievidza4–0

Performance by club

TeamWinnersRunners-upYears winner
Pezinok931993, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2008, 2010
Inter Bratislava541996, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2019
Prievidza441994, 1995, 2012, 2016
Nitra222005, 2009
Lučenec212004, 2006
Levickí202011, 2018


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