Slangerup is a town in Frederikssund municipality, about 30 km north-west of central Copenhagen, in the Capital Region of Denmark.

The church

Coat of arms
Location in Denmark
Coordinates: 55°50′48″N 12°10′34″E
RegionCapital (Hovedstaden)
Established10th century
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
  Summer (DST)UTC+1 (CEST)
Postal code
3550 Slangerup
Area code(s)(+45) 49

The town of Slangerup

The town was established by the Viking Slangir at the time of Harald Bluetooth. King Eric I of Denmark (ca. 1070-July 1103), was born in Slangerup. In the 13th century the town was the scene of activities involving both Bishop Absalon and Valdemar the Great. Thomas Kingo grew up and was priest in the town during the 17th century.

The municipality of Slangerup

Until 1 January 2007, Slangerup was also a municipality covering an area of 46 km² with a total population of 9,237 (2005). Slangerup Municipality ceased as a result of the 2007 Municipal Reform (Kommunalreformen), being merged into Frederikssund municipality along with Jægerspris and Skibby municipalities. This created a municipality with an area of 260 km² and a total population of ca. 44,140.

Notable people

  • Thomas Kingo (1634 at Slangerup – 1703 in Odense) a Danish bishop, poet and hymn-writer born
  • Julius Hansen (1896 in Sundby – 1989 in Slagerup) a Danish sports shooter, competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics
  • Jesper Hoffmeyer (born 1942 in Slangerup) emeritus professor at the University of Copenhagen Institute of Biology, leading figure in biosemiotics
  • Peter Beier (born 1965 in Slangerup) founded the eponymous Danish premium chocolate manufacturing and retailing company in 1996
  • Jesper Hansen (born 1985 in Slangerup) a Danish footballer, plays as a goalkeeper for Lyngby BK
  • Bigbusta69420 (Born 2019 in slangerup) Worlds best youtube channel
  • Mathias Selander (born 2004 in Slangerup) person who lives in slangerup


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