Skyway (film)

Skyway is a 1933 American Pre-Code romantic comedy film directed by Lewis D. Collins.

Ray Walker and Kathryn Crawford in Skyway (1931)
Directed byLewis D. Collins
Produced byWilliam T. Lackey (producer)
Written byAlbert DeMond (screenplay)
Paul B. Franklin (story)
CinematographyCharles Edgar Schoenbaum
Edited byCarl Pierson
Release date
  • August 30, 1933 (1933-08-30)
Running time
70 minutes
CountryUnited States

Plot summary

Pilot "Flash" Norris (Ray Walker) is always getting into trouble with his fists, and his quick temper. His girl, Lila, (Kathryn Crawford) tries to get him to simmer down; and, convinces her father to give him a job in his bank. When the bank won’t invest in his old friend, George Taylor’s airline (George "Gabby" Hayes), Flash quits the bank.

But, when money goes missing, from the bank, it’s up to Flash to prove his innocence, recover the money, and catch up with the bank’s Vice President Baker (Jed Prouty) and his girlfriend Mazie (Alice Lake), before their ship takes them to a jurisdiction, without an extradition treaty. Lila doesn’t give up hope, waiting for Flash, and her ship to come in.


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