Skyrunning World Championships

The Skyrunning World Championships are skyrunning competitions held for the first time in 2010 and organised by the International Skyrunning Federation. The second edition was held in 2014 and thereafter the championships have taken place on a biennial basis.[1]

Skyrunning World Championships
Genresporting event
Most recent2018
Organised byISF


EditionYearNationVertical KilometerSkyMarathonUltra SkyMarathondetails
1st2010 Italy (Dolomites)Canazei16 JulyPremana25 July[1]
2nd2014 France (Mont Blanc)Chamonix27 JuneChamonix29 JuneChamonix27 June[2]
3rd2016 Spain (Vall de Boí)Lleida22 JulyLleida22 JulyLleida23 July[3]
4th2018 United Kingdom (Scottish Highlands)Kinlochleven13 SeptemberKinlochleven15 SeptemberKinlochleven14 September[4]


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