Skema Business School

SKEMA Business School (School of knowledge economy and management) is a young private establishment of higher education and research with the legal status of a non-profit association under the French "1901 law". It was founded in 2009 as a result of the surprising merger between the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce (ESC), Lille and CERAM Business School, Sophia Antipolis.[1] The Lille school had been founded in 1892 and CERAM in 1963.[2]

SKEMA Business School
MottoAt Home Worldwide
TypeGrande École
DeanAlice Guilhon
Academic staff
Students8000 (42,000 alumni)
Paris, Lille, Sophia Antipolis (France), Raleigh (North Carolina, USA), Suzhou (China), Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Cape Town (South Africa)
AffiliationsEQUIS AACSB & AMBA
Conférence des Grandes écoles
University of Lille

It offers programmes such as BBA in Global Management, Master of Science (MS and MSc), EMBA,[3] doctoral equivalences and executive education programs in France, Brazil, China, and the US.[4]


The merger between CERAM Business School[5] and ESC Lille was not expected due to different rankings but finally announced on June 30, 2009. They now form a single non-profit organization approved by their respective governing bodies (the General Assembly of the French Riviera Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Directors of ESC Lille). The official ceremony and announcement of the new name took place November 16, 2009.[6] CERAM Business School and ESC Lille were respectively founded in 1963 by the French Riviera Chamber of Commerce and in 1892 by Lille Chamber of Commerce. The new school name, SKEMA, is derived from the Greek, skhêma (shape, figure, formation of an object) meaning schema in Latin. It also stands for the initial letters of "School of Knowledge Economy and Management".

The consolidated school is now one of the largest French business schools in number of students (7,500), third in number of teachers (166) and fifth in terms of budget.[7]

Since its beginnings in 2009 as a result of the merger between ESC Lille and CERAM Business School, SKEMA has been a global business school that has always been inspired by the same ambition on its French and international campuses: to train leaders and managers who are mobile and adaptable, able to contribute to the knowledge economy and generate sustainable performance respecting the values and challenges of society, the environment and the economy.


SKEMA has opened several international campuses to give its students an international experience. It has three campuses in France in Lille, Paris and Sophia Antipolis near Nice, and a campus in China (Suzhou), Brazil (Belo Horizonte) and the USA (Raleigh, North Carolina, in partnership with North Carolina State University[8][9]). Lille and Sophia Antipolis campuses are the historic locations of the ESC Lille and CERAM Business School.

On May 2019 Skema Business School announces the upcoming opening of its new Grand Paris campus. Previously occupied by Airbus, the campus spreads across 30,000m² comprising 40 classrooms and two big lecture halls.[10]This campus will also have a rooftop of 1,600m², a co-working space and a student residence. It is expected to open between 2020 and 2021[11][12]

At the moment, the Paris campus is located in La Défense.

Moreover, Skema announces the opening of a new campus in Cape Town (South Africa) at the beginning of academic year 2019/2020.[13][14]

The Lille campus is located in the Euralille business district in the north of France. The Lille campus gathers more than 2,200 students over 16,000 m2. A partnership has been established with the University of Lille to develop joint-programmes and combine the institutions' research efforts in the Lille School of Management Research Center.[15]

The Sophia Antipolis campus is located in the technology park of the same name in the south of France. A partnership with Science Po Aix offers joint-programmes, enabling business students to study political sciences.[16]


SKEMA Business School is a leading european business school that has been ranked highly by several ranking indicators. Details about the latest rankings are available at its website's ranking section. SKEMA has recently got AMBA accreditation in 2016 beside the EQUIS and AACSB accreditations. The triple accreditation is held by less than 1% of the business school in the world.[17][18]


Undergraduate Programmes

SKEMA offers two undergraduate programmes: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Global Management and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in International Business.

The BBA in Global Management allows students to obtain a double degree - SKEMA's BBA in Global Management degree and (according to the student's choice):

  • North Carolina State University (NCSU) bachelor's degree, or
  • A bachelor's degree from a partner university in the case of a double-diploma transfer programme, or
  • SKEMA's American bachelor's degree in the case of a one-year stay (or more) at the Raleigh campus

More details are available on its website.

SKEMA's BBA in International Business is a four-year degree program that prepares students to succeed in today’s global economy and is available at its Raleigh, USA, campus. SKEMA’s Raleigh campus gives students the choice to study abroad for one or two years at an international campus. Students have the possibility to return to the US for their fourth year and do their capstone project, or to continue their fourth year abroad to get a double degree or another specialisation. More details are available on its website.

MSc Programmes

SKEMA's Master of Science (MSc) programmes are mostly taught over a one-year period and are entirely in English. The one-year MSc programmes are for applicants who have a four-year degree, while the two-year MSc programmes are for those with a three-year university degree. SKEMA Business School offers 18 masters of science programmes covering all major business domains.

They are mainly divided into the following categories: Finance, Marketing, Management, and Business and Strategy. The details of all the programmes are available on its website.

Master in Management/Grande Ecole Programme

SKEMA's Master in Management is a two-year multi-campus programme offering a wide range of specialisations and a variety of learning paths. Students can choose to study either in English or French and get the change to study abroad at one of SKEMA's international campuses in China, Brazil and the US, besides France.

Other features include:

  • Between 12 and 24 months’ experience in a company
  • Innovative teaching and learning: six interdisciplinary teaching and learning projects and targeted, appropriate use of e-learning and m-learning teaching methods
  • Specific focus on management in the knowledge economy

More information is available on its website.

PhD, Doctoral Programmes

SKEMA offers the equivalent doctoral programmes: PhD in Finance and Accounting, KTO PhD In Management, Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) in Project and Programme Management and Digital DBA.

Executive MBA Programme

SKEMA Business School's Global Executive Master in Business Administration (GEMBA) is for experienced executives wishing to increase their managerial and strategic skills in an international environment. The Global EMBA allows participants to develop a global and innovative strategic vision in today’s complex, unpredictable and interconnected world. This programme is a real springboard to help executives achieve strategic missions inside their company, reorient their career path or even launch their own business.

The programme delivers twelve core modules offering a general understanding of the key business functions of companies and general managerial skills as well as two optional specialisations: Project Management and Entrepreneurship & Innovation.[19]

More details are available on its website.

Entrepreneurship - SKEMA Ventures

SKEMA Business School has created a business unit called SKEMA Ventures which is dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation. Through a unique value chain that encompasses teaching, coaching, incubation and acceleration, SKEMA Ventures allows each SKEMA student and alumni to think, design, test and launch an entrepreneurial business/project in a global context, on six innovative territories on four continents, benefiting from the best of each local ecosystem.

Creating innovative enterprises or activities is now the professional perspective of an increasing number of students. SKEMA Ventures facilitates and stimulates the generation of ideas and accompanies students in the construction, launching, and development of their entrepreneurial project.

It conducts various events to help budding entrepreneurs hone their skills, formulate their business plan, and launch it in the best way possible.

More details are available on its blog.

Summer Schools

SKEMA offers two short programmes in the summer to help students hone their skills and enhance their employability. It is offered in Paris.

The programmes are Finance and Banking and Project Management.

More details are available on its website.

Student unions

65 student societies are present at the business school in the fields of art, culture, business, environment, humanitarian and social aid, high tech, sport, student life, and international.[20]

Interculture SKEMA and S'Konnection are the 2 main student unions in charge of welcoming international students from all across the world. They represent the open-minded spirit of the school.

Skema Conseil is a Junior Entreprise, student consultancy society, providing services to entrepreuners and firms. The society is present on Sophia Antipolis (French Riviera), Paris and Lille.[21][22] SKEMA Conseil was elected "Best Junior Entreprise of 2012"[23]

AIESEC has offices in the Lille and Sophia-Antipolis campuses.

Notable alumni


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