Six Days of Justice

Six Days of Justice is a British television drama anthology series of single plays created by Thames Television and shown on ITV from 1972 to 1975, over four seasons of six episodes apiece.

Six Days of Justice
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. of episodes24[1][2]
Producer(s)Thames Television
Original networkITV
Original release10 April 1972 
19 May 1975


As suggested by the series title, each series of Six Days of Justice is made up of six separate plays, set in and around a courtroom and the corridor and waiting area outside. Focusing on magistrate and children's courts rather than the High Court, the series was praised for its naturalistic setting, lack of melodrama and low-key approach to small-time crime.[2][3]


Series 1

Episode NoTitleDate
01Cross-Fire10 April 1972
02Suddenly... You're in It17 April 1972
03A Private Nuisance24 April 1972
04Who Cares?1 May 1972
05With Intent to Deceive8 May 1972
06Open House15 May 1972

Series 2

Episode NoTitleDate
01The Counsellor1 May 1973
02A Clear-Cut Case8 May 1973
03We'll Support You Evermore15 May 1973
04Excuse Me, Madam22 May 1973
05A Regular Friend29 May 1973
06A Little Local Knowledge5 June 1973

Series 3

Episode NoTitleDate
01Black Spot22 October 1973
02Stranger in Paradise29 October 1973
03A Question of Discipline5 November 1973
04The Complaint12 November 1973
05The China Lady19 November 1973
06Case for Committal26 November 1973

Series 4

Episode NoTitleDate
01Hot Water14 April 1975
02Belonging21 April 1975
03Angelica28 April 1975
04A Juicy Case5 May 1975
05The Good Samaritan12 May 1975
06The Brief Facts19 May 1975

DVD release

Series 1 and series 2 were released by Network DVD in 2012.[4]


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