Siva (rebreather)

Siva is a model series of frogman's rebreather made by Carleton Life Support originally made by Fullerton Sherwood Engineering Ltd. They are:

  • Siva S10 oxygen rebreather, dive duration 4 hours. Worn on the front of the chest.
  • Siva S24, usable as oxygen rebreather, or as a semi-closed circuit mixed gas rebreather with maximum depth normally 24 metres, can be set to 55 metres. Worn on the front of the chest.
  • SIVA-55 (technical data, images) and SIVA PLUS: superseded by the Carleton Viper. They are worn on the back.

The Siva 55 is equipped with 2 200 bar (Inconel) spheres with a total volume of 5.6 litres.

The Siva 55 (55 metres of depth) also known as (CCDA) Canadian Clearance Diving Apparatus works with any one of 3 Nitrox mixes (32.5, 40 and 60% Oxygen) or pure oxygen. The pure oxygen is used for closed circuit diving so the diver can work without bubbles. The other Nato standard B,C and D mix are standard nitrox mixes used in semiclosed-circuit mode.


The SIVA +, also known as CUMA Canadian Underwater Mine-countermeasure Apparatus, is a selfmixing rebreather. It works on another principle. A constant flow of oxygen is mixed with a diluent volume dependent on the ambient pressure. The deeper the diver dives, the more diluent is added, the leaner the mix is. The correct setpoint is controlled with a partial pressure measuring device (electronic). The SIVA + is capable for diving to 90 metres. Diluent can be air, trimix or heliox.

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