Sinéad Gleeson

Sinéad Gleeson is an Irish Book Award-winning[1] writer, editor and freelance broadcaster.[2] Having edited the work of others, in 2016's The Long Gaze Back and 2017's The Glass Shore, she released her first book Constellations, a collection of personal essays, in 2019.[3][4] Some of the essays in this work document Gleeson's struggle through illness, she is a survivor of Acute promyelocytic leukemia and has had a hip replacement.[2][3]

Gleeson has been a book and music reviewer for The Irish Times' The Ticket arts supplement and presents The Book Show on RTÉ Radio 1.[2] She has been a judge for the Choice Music Prize.[5] She is a writer in residence at University College Dublin.[6]


As Editor
  • Silver Threads of Hope New Island Books, 2012 ISBN 1848401817, in aid of Console
  • The Long Gaze Back: An Anthology of Irish Women Writers, New Island Books, 2016 ISBN 1848405480
  • The Glass Shore: Short Stories by Woman Writers from the North of Ireland ISBN 184840557X, winner 2016 Best Irish Published Book of the Year, Irish Book Awards[8]
As Author


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