Simon Lovell

Simon Lovell (born 1957 in Manchester) is an English comedy magician, card sharp, actor, and con man. His trademark pieces are finding an audience member's card in his mouth and a humorous straitjacket escape. Lovell appeared on VH1's popular reality show Celebracadabra, on which he and other magicians trained celebrities to perform magic for audiences.

Simon Lovell
Manchester, England

The author of sixteen books, including Billion Dollar Bunco, which covers cons and scams, Lovell starred in a one-man off-Broadway show called Strange and Unusual Hobbies. It ran for over eight years at the SoHo Playhouse, and the Wall Street Journal complimented it as "a dazzling 70-minute show."[1] The well-reviewed show combined Lovell's off-the-wall sense of humor with demonstrations of his uncanny card cheating and "jaw-dropping" magic.

Formerly residing in New York City, Simon was a regularly featured performer in "Monday Night Magic", the oldest running off-Broadway show featuring an evening of magicians and related performers.

In 1987, Lovell appeared in the first series of ChuckleVision, where he would perform a magic trick.

He was the consultant con man as of season 2 for Matt Bomer in the show White Collar.

Children's Magic

Simon Lovell has also partnered up with Fantasma Magic, to help young magicians begin on the path toward becoming magicians. Some of the tricks performed in Fantasma's products include the Linking Rings, the Cups & Balls, Vanishing Silk and 250 more tricks using props from the kit or everyday items from around the house. Fantasma's training DVD also includes scenes from well-known magicians such as Harry Houdini and Harry Blackstone Sr..


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