Simon Kenton High School

Simon Kenton High School is located at 11132 Madison Pike in Independence, Kentucky. The school's mascot is the Pioneers.

Simon Kenton High School
11132 Madison Pike


United States
Coordinates38.92428°N 84.54486°W / 38.92428; -84.54486
School districtKenton County School District
PrincipalJohn Popham
Grades9 to 12
Enrollment1,734[1] (2018–19)

On July 19, 1935, an application was filed with the Public Works Administration for Kenton County, Kentucky for funds to construct a public high school. The application was approved, and on November 2, 1935, a deed was signed for a 23-acre (93,000 m2) site on Madison Pike, one-half mile south of the center of the city of Independence. A 5.5-acre (22,000 m2) addition was added shortly thereafter to allow for the construction of a lake on-site to provide water for the school. The overall project's cost is recorded as $175,606.85.

The decision to name the school after famous Kentucky pioneer Simon Kenton, was made official on October 22, 1935, with the official dedication occurring September 5 of the same year. With an initial enrollment of 496 students, Simon Kenton High School opened its doors on September 13, 1937.

The initial building that housed the school remained static until 1954, when a new bi-level building was completed to accommodate the growing student population. In 1964, a new cafeteria was added to the existing structure. In 1970, the original lake was drained after the drowning death of senior Robert Blanton. 1970 also saw the addition of a wing to the north side of the school as well as the expansion of the paved parking lot. The school later underwent a total renovation of the facade as well as the addition of a new wing, cafeteria, and library.

On October 9, 1980, the school's four buildings suffered an estimated 1.5 million dollars in damage as a series of explosions from a natural gas line swept the campus. The continued explosions injured approximately 35 of the Fire and Rescue workers that responded to the scene. One student, a junior by the name of Robert Williams, also lost his life. Later in that same school year, the school would make headlines for a much more joyful reason; the Pioneers boys' basketball team won the 1981 Kentucky state championship, becoming the first school ever from Northern Kentucky to win the title. (Note that Kentucky, unlike almost all other states, has never adopted a multiple-class system for high school basketball.)

The current principal is Mr. John Popham. Ms. Georgina Campbell, and Mr. Craig Reinhart serve as Assistant Principals. Mr. Trent Steiner and Mrs. Michelle Hickey are the Associate Principals.

As of July 1, 2007, Mrs. Setters took over as principal, replacing Mr. Richard Culross. In late August, 2014 Martha Setters accepted a promotion to Director of Leadership and Learning for the Kenton County School District.[2] John Popham is the interim principal for the remainder of the 2014–15 school year and has remained the principle since then.


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