Silicon tetrachloride (data page)

This page provides supplementary chemical data on silicon tetrachloride.

Material Safety Data Sheet

The handling of this chemical may incur notable safety precautions. It is highly recommend that you seek the Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS) for this chemical from a reliable source, it this case, noting that one should "avoid all contact! In all cases consult a doctor! ... inhalation causes sore throat and Burning sensation".[1]

Structure and properties

Structure and properties
Index of refraction, nD 1.41156 at 25 °C
Abbe number ?
Dielectric constant, εr 2.248 ε0 at 0 °C
Bond strength 381 kJ/mol (Si-Cl)
Bond length ?
Bond angle 109° (Cl-Si-Cl)
Dipole#Molecular dipoles 0 D
Magnetic susceptibility −87.5
Viscosity 99.4 mPa.s at 25 °C
96.2 mPa.s at 50 °C
Thermal conductivity 0.099 W/(m K) at 25 °C
0.096 W/(m K) at 50 °C

Thermodynamic properties

Phase behavior
Triple point ? K (? °C), ? Pa
Critical point 508.1 K (235.0 °C), 3.593 MPa, 0.326vdm3/mol
Std enthalpy change
of fusion
, ΔfusHo
7.60 kJ/mol
Std entropy change
of fusion
, ΔfusSo
? J/(mol·K)
Std enthalpy change
of vaporization
, ΔvapHo
28.7 kJ/mol
Std entropy change
of vaporization
, ΔvapSo
? J/(mol·K)
Solid properties
Std enthalpy change
of formation
, ΔfHosolid
? kJ/mol
Standard molar entropy,
? J/(mol K)
Heat capacity, cp ? J/(mol K)
Liquid properties
Std enthalpy change
of formation
, ΔfHoliquid
−687.0 kJ/mol
Std Gibbs free energy
of formation
, ΔfGoliquid
−619.8 kJ/mol
Standard molar entropy,
239.7 J/(mol K)
Heat capacity, cp 145. J/(mol K)
Gas properties
Std enthalpy change
of formation
, ΔfHogas
−657. kJ/mol
Std Gibbs free energy
of formation
, ΔfGogas
−617.0 kJ/mol
Standard molar entropy,
330.7 J/(mol K)
Heat capacity, cp 90. J/(mol K)

Spectral data

λmax ? nm
Extinction coefficient, ε ?
Major absorption bands 610, 642 cm1
Proton NMR  
Carbon-13 NMR  
Other NMR data  
Masses of
main fragments
133, 135, 170


Except where noted otherwise, data relate to standard ambient temperature and pressure.

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