Sierra de Santa Cruz (Guatemala)

The Sierra de Santa Cruz is a small mountain range in eastern Guatemala. It is situated north of Lake Izabal, in the department of Izabal. The mountain range has a south-west to north-east orientation, and is approximately 55 km long and 13 km wide.[1] Its highest peaks have an altitude of approximately 1100 m (15.68122°N 89.32692°W / 15.68122; -89.32692).

Sierra de Santa Cruz
Highest point
Peak (Guatemala)
Elevation1,100 m (3,600 ft)
Coordinates15°40′52″N 89°19′37″W
Length55 km (34 mi) south-west to north-east
Width13 km (8.1 mi)
Age of rockMesozoic (Cretaceous)


Frog Craugastor trachydermus is only known from the Sierra de Santa Cruz.[2] It is critically endangered.[3]

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