Siem Shipping

Siem Shipping is a Norwegian shipping company based in Kristiansand, specialized in reefer, bulk and roll-on/roll-off sea carriage.[1]

Siem Shipping
HeadquartersKristiansand, Norway
ServicesRoll-on/roll-off & shipping

Company overview

It started trading in the mid-90s as Star Reefer, before Siem Industries successfully carried out a number of acquisitions of additional smaller shipping lines (and their tonnage), renaming the whole company as Siem Shipping in 2012.[2]

The divisions within the group are:

  • Star Reefer
  • Siem Bulk
  • Siem Car Carriers
  • Siem RORO
  • Siem Ship management


The company tonnage includes over 25 Reefer vessels, 8 Pure Car carriers vessels, 8 roll-on/roll-off ships, and a number of chartered bulk vessels.[3]

The main business consists in the maritime transport and distribution of cargo such as brand new and used automobiles, trucks, trailers, Mafi roll trailers, heavy construction machineries and further types of rolling, bulk freight and refrigerated goods.[4]

Siem Shipping has previously announced plans to purchase and take delivery of 2 advanced newly built dual fuel-LNG powered car carrier vessels.[5] The first one, built at Xiamen shipyard, was delivered on 15 November 2019 and named MV Siem Confucius.[6]

Additionally Siem Offshore operates a fleet of about 30 specialized Platform, Supply, Intervention and tug ships.[7]


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