Sibelius Academy

The Sibelius Academy (Finnish: Taideyliopiston Sibelius-Akatemia, Swedish: Konstuniversitetets Sibelius-Akademi) is part of the University of the Arts Helsinki and a university-level music school which operates in Helsinki and Kuopio, Finland. It also has an adult education centre in Järvenpää and a training centre in Seinäjoki. The Academy is the only music university in Finland.[3] It is among the biggest European music universities with roughly 1,700[2] enrolled students.

Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki
Taideyliopiston Sibelius-Akatemia
Konstuniversitetets Sibelius-Akademi
Sibelius Academy in central Helsinki
Parent institution
University of the Arts Helsinki
DeanTuomas Auvinen
60°10′18″N 024°55′56″E

The Sibelius Academy is one of the organizers of the International Jean Sibelius Violin Competition held every five years in Helsinki.[4]


The academy was founded in 1882 by Martin Wegelius as Helsingfors musikinstitut ("Helsinki Music Institute") and renamed Sibelius-Akatemia in 1939[1] to honour its own former student and Finland's most celebrated composer Jean Sibelius. In 2013, the academy merged with two formerly independent universities, Helsinki Theatre Academy and Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, to form the University of the Arts Helsinki.[5]


The primary degree at the Sibelius Academy is the Master of Music (MMus) degree. The school also offers postgraduate degrees with artistic and research options. The postgraduate degrees are the Licentiate of Arts in Music Lic.A. (Mus.) and the doctoral degree of Doctor of Arts in Music D.A. (Mus.)

Degree programmes

The Academy offers the following degree programmes:[6]

  • Degree Programme in Church Music
  • Degree Programme in Composition and Music Theory
  • Degree Programme in Folk Music
  • Degree Programme in Jazz Music
  • Degree Programme in Orchestral and Choral Conducting
  • Degree Programme in Music Education
  • Degree Programme in Music Technology
  • Degree Programme in Music Performance
  • Degree Programme in Vocal Music
  • Degree Programme in Arts Management

Notable students and faculty (past and present)





Junior Academy

Junior Academy[18] is for highly skilled young musicians to study with top level professionals before entering a university.


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