Si Euli

Si Euli is a traditional dagger or knife that originates from Nias (mostly North Nias[1]), an island off the west coast of North Sumatra, Indonesia.[2] There are versions of this knife worn by men or for daily use.[3]

Si Euli
A Si Euli knife, pre-1918.
Place of originNias, Indonesia
Service history
Used byNias people
Length39 cm

Blade typeSingle edge
Hilt typeWood


A dagger with a narrow, straight blade carried diagonally in the centre of the belt. The hilt is separated from the blade by a cylindrical brass ring and is curved at the end or makes a slight curve at about halfway. In the latter case the top of the hilt is flattened. The scabbard is straight and has a cross-piece at the mouth protruding towards the blade's edge or towards both sides. To the rear it may have a small protrusion, but also a prominent protrusion the point of which curves somewhat upwards. The scabbard may be wound with a brass wire and may have a small angled foot. Sometimes it has small chains with bells.[4]


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Further reading

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