ShowSize is a disk space analyzer for Microsoft Windows that shows the disk space occupied by various items on a disk. It was first developed as a DOS application and was released on CompuServe forums in 1995.

ShowSize Disk Space Analyzer
Developer(s)AvniTech Solutions
Stable release
5.7 / December 2017 (2017-12)
Operating systemWindows 7, 10
TypeDisk space analyzer

ShowSize produces many reports to help find out the disk space occupied by various items such as folders, file types, and file owners. It also has some flat reports that give a unique perspective on the file system (for example only files and only folders). Since these flat reports can be very big for modern huge disks, they are shown by using a virtual list to minimize the memory usage by the program.


  • Folder sizes report
  • File types report
  • File owners report
  • Pie chart of largest items
  • Folders and files report
  • Active modified folders report
  • Only folders flat report
  • Only files flat report
  • Command line usage from batch files
  • Exclude folders feature to save on scanning time of huge disks


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