Shots in Threequarter Time

Shots in Threequarter Time (German: Schüsse im Dreivierteltakt, Italian: Operazione terzo uomo) is a 1965 crime film directed by Alfred Weidenmann.

Shots in Threequarter Time
Directed byAlfred Weidenmann
Produced byFelice Testa Gay
Written byHerbert Reinecker
Story byLudmilla Kirsch
StarringPierre Brice
Heinz Drache
Daliah Lavi
Jana Brejchová
Terence Hill
Music byCharly Niessen
CinematographyKarl Löb
Release date


The film begins in Paris. A man, called Bérard, flees from his pursuers with a metal suitcase. He follows the instructions on a walkie-talkie and sits down in a chair. At a certain point he throws the suitcase into the depths. Then he is shot by an undetected sniper. Thus begins the story to a strictly guarded NATO controller for missiles - the so-called B 501 - which was stolen and device in this way in enemy hands. There is just this one model, and in the Paris command post of NATO prevails frenzy. The commanding officer, Colonel, gets eight days in which to recover the device. Hence he places his best man, secret agent Philippe Tissot, in this case on. Tissot is to remain undetected necessarily in this secret mission and therefore operated under the code name "Caesar". He quickly takes to track down the missing device.

This trail leads to Vienna. Tissot takes the night train and met there already some obscure figures who behave suspiciously abundant and strange. In the Austrian capital arrived, Tissot moves into the "Palladium", a variety with a very dubious reputation. This establishment is considered as a transit point for stolen goods and secret as not dangerous playground for enemy agents and assassins. Behind the scenes of this only seemingly harmless amusement facility eventually all the threads together, murders are prepared and exchanged information. Soon Tissot gets into great danger, and there are the first bodies. Another trail leads him to a waxworks. In an exciting chase through Vienna Tissot can finally bring the control unit back in.


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