Short Circuit (1943 film)

Short Circuit (Italian:Cortocircuito) is a 1943 Italian thriller film directed by Giacomo Gentilomo and starring Vivi Gioi, Umberto Melnati and Guglielmo Barnabò. The film was made at the Pisorno Studios in Tirrenia. It is one of several films considered as a possible precursor to the giallo genre.[1]

Short Circuit
Directed byGiacomo Gentilomo
Written byMino Caudana
Ezio D'Errico
Ernesto Grassi
Mario Monicelli
Giacomo Gentilomo
StarringVivi Gioi
Umberto Melnati
Guglielmo Barnabò
Lauro Gazzolo
Music byEzio Carabella
CinematographyGiorgio Orsini
Edited byRenzo Lucidi
Arno Film
Iris Film
Distributed byRex Film
Release date
6 April 1943
Running time
85 minutes



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