Shooting at the 1964 Summer Olympics

Shooting at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo comprised six events, all for men only. They were held between 15 and 17 October 1964.[1]

Medal summary

Event Gold Silver Bronze
25 meter rapid fire pistol
 Pentti Linnosvuo (FIN)592  Ion Tripsa (ROU)591  Lubomír Nácovský (TCH)590
50 meter pistol
 Väinö Markkanen (FIN)560  Franklin Green (USA)557  Yoshihisa Yoshikawa (JPN)554
50 meter rifle prone
László Hammerl
597 Lones Wigger
 United States
597 Tommy Pool
 United States
50 meter rifle three positions
Lones Wigger
 United States
1164 Velichko Velichkov
1152 László Hammerl
300 meter rifle, three positions
 Gary Anderson (USA)1153  Shota Kveliashvili (URS)1144  Martin Gunnarsson (USA)1136
Ennio Mattarelli
198 Pāvels Seničevs
 Soviet Union
194 William Morris
 United States

Participating nations

A total of 262 shooters from 51 nations competed at the Tokyo Games:[1]

Medal count

1 United States2237
2 Finland2002
3 Hungary1012
4 Italy1001
5 Soviet Union0202
6 Bulgaria0101
8 Czechoslovakia0011
Totals (9 nations)66618


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