Shohatsu-class landing craft

The Shohatsu (小発) or 10m landing craft was a small landing craft used by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. It was used for landing personnel and stores.

Class overview
Name: Shohatsu Class, Landing Craft
General characteristics (Shohatsu-class landing craft)
Type: Landing Craft/Barge
Tonnage: 4.4 tons
Length: 34.9 ft (10.64 m)o/a
Beam: 8 ft (2.44 m)
Draught: 1.11 ft (0.34 m)
Speed: 7.5 knots (13.9 km/h)
Range: 60 nautical miles (111 km) at 7.5 knots (13.9 km/h)
Capacity: 35 men or 3.5 tons cargo
Complement: 5
Armament: 1 machine gun


The Shohatsu class were 34.9 ft (10.64 m) long, 8 ft (2.44 m) wide, and had a draft of 1.11 ft (0.34 m). The class had a maximum speed of 7.5 knots (13.9 km/h), and a range of 60 nautical miles (111 km), assuming they were travelling at top speed. The ship could hold 35 men, or 3.5 tons of cargo. It was built of steel,[1] and had a single bow with no landing ramp.

Service history

It was carried by destroyers and smaller vessels as a cargo boat. Japan ordered 20 of the Shohatsu class land crafts, but it is not known how many of them were actually finished and delivered.[1]





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