Shocking Pinks

Shocking Pinks is the project of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nick Harte from New Zealand.

Shocking Pinks
OriginNew Zealand
GenresIndie, electronic, shoegazing
Years active2002–present
LabelsPinacolada Records, Stars & Letters Records, DFA Records, Flying Nun Records
WebsiteOfficial Shocking Pinks website
MembersNick Harte
Past membersTim McDonald


Founded in Christchurch, New Zealand, Nick Harte has played in many New Zealand bands such as the CM Ensemble, Hiatus, The Incisions, Montessouri, Laudanum, Palace of Wisdom, Luxor Dance Ensemble, Urinator, Solaa, The Brunettes, and Pig Out.

Harte & McDonald performed a Shocking Pinks gig at the Media Club in his hometown of Christchurch in December, 2003. This performance was attended by Tim Baird who ran local label Pinacolada Records; Baird subsequently funded and released the original version of the Shocking Pinks' debut album 'Dance the Dance Electric' on February 14th, 2004. This release featured a full-band lineup and introduced Harte's sound, which nodded to the sound of classic New Zealand bands such as The Clean and The Bats, as well as My Bloody Valentine's shoegaze sounds, and a budding dance-punk scene. The album earned strong reviews, including an 8.2 score on Pitchfork Media.[1] In the wake of this success, international labels became interested (including James Murphy of DFA Records who would later work with the band). The Shocking Pinks then signed to the legendary New Zealand imprint Flying Nun Records and released two further albums in 2005, Mathematical Warfare and Infinity Land, which Harte wrote and performed on his own. DFA Records signed Harte and released a series of limited-edition singles, which included remixes by The Glimmers, Deerhunter, Eluvium, and Arkitype, before issuing the self-titled album, Shocking Pinks, in the autumn of 2007 —largely a remastered compilation of songs from Mathematical Warfare and Infinity Land.[2][3]

Signing to Stars & Letters and Guilt Mirrors

In November 2013 Shocking Pinks signed to Brooklyn label, Stars & Letters Records, and announced the release of a new triple album called Guilt Mirrors. The digital trilogy released world-wide on 18 February 2014 [4][5] and a limited edition vinyl release is due 15 April 2014.[6] The first single "Not Gambling" was premiered via Pitchfork Media on 13 November 2013. The Pitchfork news item also included the full track-listing of the upcoming "Guilt Mirrors" album.[7] The follow-up single "What's Up With That Girl?" premiered 11 December 2013, via Dazed & Confused.[8] A third single "St Louis", featuring visual artist Gemma Syme on vocals, premiered via Pitchfork on 13 January 2014.[9][10]

Performance line-up

The Shocking Pinks gigging lineup has featured a large number of local New Zealand musicians over the years, including members of New Zealand bands such as The Brunettes, The D4, Leper Ballet, Pig Out, The Enright House, and the Tiger Tones.




  • "Smoke Screen" (The Glimmers remix and Edit) (12") (11 June 2007 · DFA Records)
  • "This Aching Deal"/"August 3rd" (Arkitype Remix) (7") (6 August 2007 · DFA Records)
  • "Victims"/"April/May" (7") (20 August 2007 · DFA Records)
  • "The Narrator"/"Dressed to Please" (7") (3 September 2007 · DFA Records)
  • "End of the World" (7", 12", CD) (15 October 2007 · DFA Records)
  • "Emily" (3 March 2008 · DFA Records)
  • "Not Gambling" (13 November 2013 · Stars & Letters Records)
  • "What's Up With That Girl?" (11 December 2013 · Stars & Letters Records)
  • "St Louis [ft. Gemma Syme]" (13 January 2014 · Stars & Letters Records)


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