Shocking Asia

Shocking Asia is a 1974 mondo documentary film written and directed by Rolf Olsen with Ingeborg Stein Steinbach. The film was banned in Finland due to its graphic content. A sequel titled Shocking Asia II: The Last Taboos was released in 1985.[1]

Shocking Asia
Directed byRolf Olsen
Produced byWolfgang von Schiber
Written byRolf Olsen
Ingeborg Stein Steinbach
Release date
Running time
94 minutes


As with most other films of similar nature (such as Faces of Death and Traces of Death), Shocking Asia does not follow a traditional narrative structure, instead neglecting plot for images and video footage of bizarre and macabre situations such as animal cruelty, strange rituals, footage of deformed children and a sex change operation. Most of the clips used are claimed to be real, although this has yet to be verified.


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