Shock Wave (film)

Shock Wave is a 2017 Hong Kong action film written and directed by Herman Yau, produced by and starring Andy Lau.[1] Released on 20 April 2017 in Hong Kong and 28 April 2017 in China, the film is Yau and Lau's third collaboration as director and star respectively after 1991's Don't Fool Me and 1999's Fascination Amour.[5]

Shock Wave
Official film poster
MandarinChāi Dàn Zhuān Jiā
CantoneseCaak3 Daan2 Zyun1 Gaa1
Directed byHerman Yau
Produced byAndy Lau
Alvin Lam
Chan Pui-wah
Esther Koo
Alice Chan
Written byHerman Yau
Erica Lee
StarringAndy Lau
Jiang Wu
Song Jia
Philip Keung
Ron Ng
Music byMak Chun Hung
CinematographyJoe Chan
Edited byAzrael Chung
Distributed byUniverse Films Distribution
Release date
  • 20 April 2017 (2017-04-20) (Hong Kong)
  • 28 April 2017 (2017-04-28) (China)
Running time
118 minutes
CountryHong Kong
BudgetUS$23 million[2]
Box officeUS$68.07 million[3][4]

A sequel to the film, titled Shock Wave 2, began production in February 2019 and wrapped up on 8 May 2019, while it is set for theatrical release in the spring of 2020.[6] Shock Wave 2 will be a thematic sequel featuring new characters and a new story line, with Lau and Yau returning to their duties as producer and star, and as director respectively.[7][8][9]


Cheung Choi-san (Andy Lau) is a superintendent of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau (EOD). Seven years ago, he went undercover and became the undercover protege to Hung Kai-pang (Jiang Wu), a wanted criminal specializing in bombs. During a cash vault robbery, Cheung revealed his undercover identity and whilst coordinating with the police, successfully disposed a bomb, preventing from being detonated. In the event, Hung's criminal gang, in the car where Cheung was in, was captured including Hung's younger brother. However, during the explosive commotions, Hung managed to escape and threatened to return for revenge.

Six months later after the resumption of his position in EOD, Cheung is quickly promoted as a bomb disposal expert in the Hong Kong police force. A year later, a series of bombings occur in Hong Kong, while the police also receive intel that a large number of explosives have been smuggled into Hong Kong, all indications that a major case will occur. As Hong Kong citizens are panicking, the city's busiest underwater tunnel, the Cross-Harbour Tunnel, was blocked by ruthless criminals, with hundreds of citizens taken hostage. Hung, who has nicknamed himself "Blast", finally appears, threatening to blow up the tunnel. Facing this counter-terrorism crisis, Cheung must bring Blast to justice and dismantle the devastating conspiracy behind it.


  • Andy Lau as Cheung Choi-san (章在山), superintendent and bomb disposal officer of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau (EOD).
  • Jiang Wu as Hung Kai-pang (洪繼鵬), who nicknamed himself Blast (火爆), a top wanted criminal who is bent on seeking revenge for Cheung's betrayal.
  • Song Jia as Carmen Li (李家雯), a divorced teacher who becomes Cheung's girlfriend.
  • Philip Keung as Kong Yiu-wai (江耀偉), chief inspector of the Regional Crime Unit who works closely with Cheung.
  • Ron Ng as Ben (阿斌), an EOD officer who is Cheung's second-in-command.
  • Leo Wang as Hung Kai-piu (洪繼標), Blast's younger brother who was apprehended by the police during Cheung's undercover mission.
  • Felix Wong as Officer Chow (周Sir), superintendent of the Regional Crime Unit and Cheung's handler when the latter was working undercover in Blast's gang.
  • Shek Sau as Wan Hiu-fung (尹曉風), the Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police.
  • Liu Kai-chi as Yim Kwok-wing (閆國榮), a business tycoon and chairman of Man Chung Corporation who operates the Eastern Harbour Crossing and the Western Harbour Crossing.
  • Cheung Chun-kit as Stephen (思君), an officer of the Regional Crime Unit under Kong Yiu-wai.
  • Louis Cheung as Lam Chun (林俊), a tour guide who is one of the hostages held by Blast in the Cross-Harbour Tunnel.
  • Babyjohn Choi as Wong Tin-nok (黃天諾), an off duty officer who is one of the hostages held by Blast in the Cross-Harbour Tunnel.
  • Joseph Lee as the chief engineer of the Cross-Harbour Tunnel.
  • Felix Lok as Berry (啤梨), Wong Tin-nok's father who is a retired police officer and is one of the hostages held by Blast in the Cross-Harbour Tunnel.
  • Wan Yeung-ming as Cheung Tai-chiu (張大釗), a retired police officer who is one of the hostages held by Blast in the Cross-Harbour Tunnel.
  • Tony Ho as Kam Chi-kong (甘志剛), nicknamed King Kong, a retired police officer who is one of the hostages held by Blast in the Cross-Harbour Tunnel.
  • Ken Lo as Coffee (咖啡), one of Blast's henchmen who was apprehended by the police during Cheung's undercover mission.
  • Dion Lam as Ghost (阿鬼), one of Blast's henchmen who escaped during Cheung's undercover mission.
  • Kevin Chu as an EOD officer.
  • Lee Yee-man as a uniformed policewoman.
  • Michael Tong as a mercenary soldier working for Blast.
  • Ben Yuen as President Chen (陳總), a Mainland Chinese tour member who is one of the hostages held by Blast in the Cross-Harbour Tunnel.


Theme song

  • Getting Used To (慢慢習慣)
    • Singer/Lyricist: Andy Lau
    • Composer: Eric Ng, Kenneth Shih
    • Arranger: Adam Lee
    • Producer: Preston Lee, Jacky Chan



The project was first announced in September 2014, with Herman Yau and Andrew Lau attached as director and producer respectively, and was set to star Nicholas Tse, Nick Cheung and Julian Cheung, with Tse portraying the main villain. The film was also set to begin production in November of the same year under a budget of HK$90 million.[11]

However, the project was seemingly postponed indefinitely until March 2016, where the film was re-announced at the 2016 Hong Kong Filmart. While Yau remained as the film's director, Andy Lau was announced to produce and star in the new film, with no mention of previous reported cast members. With a new budget of US$23 million, the film is produced by Universe Entertainment, Bona Film Group and Lau's new production company, Infinitus Entertainment. The film's planned climax will feature a bomb threat taking place in the Cross-Harbour Tunnel.[5]


On 17 April 2016, director Yau announced on his Facebook account that filming for Shock Wave will begin the following day on 18 April.[12] On Labour Day (1 May 2016), Yau updated the filming progress on his account with location scouting images where Lau and crew members were present.[13] On 6 May 2016, reporters visited the film set for the filming of an indoors explosion scene, where Lau demonstrated safety measures of filming the explosion to the visiting reporters with Yau, while also demonstrating swift bomb disposal techniques.[14] On 5 June 2016, a bomb disposal scene was filmed outside of the Revenue Tower in Wan Chai, where Lau wore a 70-pound heavy bomb disposal suit. Actors Philip Keung, Ron Ng, Louis Cheung and Babyjohn Choi were also present during that day.[15][16] Filming officially wrapped up on 4 July 2016, after filming its final scene at a 1:1 scale set of the Cross-Harbour Tunnel built by the production team.[17][18]


Shock Wave was theatrical released in Hong Kong on 20 April 2017.[19] The film also closed the 19th Far East Film Festival on 29 April 2017[20] and was also shown at the 57th Vienna International Film Festival on 20 October 2017.[21]


Critical reception

On Rotten Tomatoes, Shock Wave has an approval rating of 83% based on 6 reviews, with an average rating of 7.2/10.[22]

Elizabeth Kerr of The Hollywood Reporter praised the film's action sequences by action choreographer Dion Lam, the cinematography director Herman Yau for upending action film conventions but criticizes the characters' drawn out personalities.[23] Edmund Lee of the South China Morning Post gave the film a score of 3/5 stars and praises the film's engaging action sequences and its absorbing look at bomb disposal while criticizes its logic and director Yau's half-hearted attempt at characterisation.[24] Angelin Yeoh of The Star gave the film a score of 8/10 praising the film's high octane action sequences, the levels of tension and sense of intrique that it offers and calls it an "excting, adrenaline rush of a movie about everyday heroes."[25]

Gabriel Chong of MovieXclusive gave the film a score of 3/5 and calls it "loud, action-packed and frequently thrilling" but "lacks compelling story or characters".[26] Boon Chan of The Straits Times gave the film a score of 2.5/5 and notes the film's protagonist as "self-sacrificing and saintly" and not particularly interesting as a result and calls the film a "workman-like and heavy-handed effort that is unlikely to knock anyone's sock off."[27]

Box office

In Hong Kong, Shock Wave opened No. 1 on 20 April 2017, grossing HK$1.35 million on its opening day.[28] During its opening weekend, the film grossed HK$7.98 million and was placed at No. 3.[29] On its third weekend, the film remained No. 3 at the box office, grossing HK$6.71 million, with a total gross of HK$22,229,332 accumulated by then.[30] Shock Wave grossed a total of HK$25,360,088 at the Hong Kong box office during its theatrical run in the territory, making it the second-highest grossing domestic film of Hong Kong in 2017.[31]

In Taiwan, the film opened on 21 April 2017. In its capital, Taipei, the film grossed NT$2.48 million on its opening weekend at No. 4.[29] On its second weekend, the film grossed NT$1.11 million and has grossed a total NT$5.05 million by then.[32] On its third weekend, the film grossed NT$600,000 and grossed a total NT$6.53 million by then.[30] On its fourth weekend, the film grossed NT$160,000, accumulating a total gross of NT$6.95 million by that time.[33] Along with the rest of Taiwan, the film grossed a total of NT$17,740,000 in the country.[34]

In China, the film premiered on 28 April 2017 and debuted No.1 during its opening weekend where it grossed ¥168,772,602.[35] On its second weekend, the film grossed ¥49,268,798, with a total gross of ¥356,695,899 by then.[36] On its third weekend, the film grossed ¥5,193,102, with a total gross of ¥385,070,099 by then.[37] By its fourth weekend, the film grossed ¥2,294,103, accumulating a total gross of ¥390,995,597 by then.[38] The film has grossed a total of ¥400,496,000 at the Chinese box office by the end of its theatrical run.[39]

As of 25 May 2017, Shock Wave has grossed a total of US$68,076,339.44 worldwide (total box office gross from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Australia and United Kingdom).[3][4]

Awards and nominations

Ceremony Category Recipient Results
37th Hong Kong Film Awards[40][41] Best Film Shock Wave Nominated
Best Director Herman Yau Nominated
Best Actor Andy Lau Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Philip Keung Won
Best Film Editing Azrael Chung Nominated
Best Sound Design Nip Kei-wing, Yip Siu-kei Nominated
Best Visual Effects Yee Kwok-leung, Chu Tak-pui,
Jules Lin, Loki Ho
1st Profima International Film Fest & Awards Best Supporting Actor Philip Keung Won
1st Kongest Film Awards[42]
Best Film Shock Wave Nominated
Best Director Herman Yau Nominated
Best Actor Andy Lau Won
My Favorite Hong Kong Film Shock Wave Won


During a celebration event for the film's box office success on 4 May 2017, producer and star Andy Lau unofficially announces a sequel to Shock Wave will be made in response to the film's success.[43][44] On 16 March 2018, Universe Entertainment officially confirms a sequel, titled Shock Wave 2, will be made and released a teaser film poster. Lau will return as producer and star while Herman Yau will also return as director. Daneil Lam, president of Universe Entertainment, reveals that the screenplay of the sequel was being developed and production will commence in 2019. Yau also reveals that Shock Wave 2 will be a thematic sequel with new characters and a new story line.[7][8][9]

Production for Shock Wave 2 officially began in February 2019 and wrapped up on 8 May 2019. The film is set for theatrical release in the spring of 2020.[6]

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