Shirley Kellogg

Shirley Kellogg (born 27 May 1887 in Minneapolis, Minnesota) was an American actress and singer who found greater success in Britain than in America, mostly in revue.

Early life

She was born on 27 May 1887 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.[2]


She appeared in theatre, particularly at the London Hippodrome and married theatrical and later film director Albert de Courville in June 1913. In 1917 she was filmed promoting the introduction of the motor scooter to England.[3] From 1921 to 1924 she owned Little Grove, a Georgian house in East Barnet which she was said to have spent £10,000 restoring, a very large amount of money at that time. The house was known as Shirley Grove during her ownership.[4]

In 1924, Kellogg was granted a divorce from de Courville.[5]

In 1924, Kellogg travelled to Hollywood to attempt to break into moving pictures and featured in silent films.[6]



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