Shirley Kaye

Shirley Kaye is a lost[1] 1917 American silent comedy drama film directed by Joseph Kaufman and starring Clara Kimball Young, Corliss Giles and George Fawcett.[2]

Shirley Kaye
Directed byJoseph Kaufman
Produced byClara Kimball Young
Lewis J. Selznick
Written byHulbert Footner (play)
Margaret Turnbull
StarringClara Kimball Young
Corliss Giles
George Fawcett
CinematographyWilliam Marshall
Clara Kimball Young Film Corporation
Distributed bySelznick Pictures
Release date
December 29, 1917
Running time
5 reels
CountryUnited States
English intertitles


  • Clara Kimball Young as Shirley Kaye
  • Corliss Giles as John Rowson
  • George Fawcett as T.L. Magen
  • George Backus as Egerton Kaye
  • Claire Whitney as Daisy Magen
  • Nellie Lindrith as Mrs. Magen
  • John Sunderland as Earl Rosselvin
  • Mrs. F.O. Winthrop as Mrs. Bayliss
  • Frank Otto as Dingwall



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