Shin-Keisei Electric Railway

The Shin-Keisei Electric Railway (新京成電鉄, Shin-Keisei Dentetsu) is a private railway in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. It connects Narashino and Matsudo. It is a subsidiary of Keisei Electric Railway.

Shin-Keisei Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Native name
Public KK (TYO: 9014)
IndustryPrivate railroad
FoundedOctober 23, 1946
HeadquartersKunugiyama, Kamagaya, Chiba, Japan
Key people
Takayoshi Kasai (President)
Number of employees
460 (2015)
ParentKeisei Electric Railway
SubsidiariesFunabashi Shin-Keisei Bus
Matsudo Shin-Keisei Bus

It has the following bus company subsidiaries.

  • Funabashi Shin-Keisei Bus
  • Matsudo Shin-Keisei Bus


The company operates one line, the 26.5 km Shin-Keisei Line, between Matsudo and Keisei Tsudanuma.

Rolling stock

All trains are based at Kunugiyama and Tsudanuma Depots.

Former rolling stock

  • 800 series (1971 - July 2010)


After World War II, the ownership of the right-of-way of an uncompleted Imperial Japanese Army military railway line was transferred to Keisei. Shin-Keisei was established as a subsidiary of Keisei on 23 October 1946 to construct and operate the line.[3] The first section of the line, 2.5 km from Shin-Tsudanuma to Yakuendai, was opened on 27 December 1947, with a track gauge of 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) and electrified at 1,500 V DC overhead.[3] The line was regauged to 1,372 mm (4 ft 6 in) in October 1953, and the entire line was completed as a single-track line by 21 April 1955.[3] In August 1959, the line was again regauged, this time to 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) to match the standard gauge used by Keisei Electric Railway.[3]

In June 2014, the company unveiled a new corporate image with a new corporate logo and "gentle pink" corporate colour scheme and train livery.[4] The company's entire fleet of trains was scheduled to be reliveried in the new colour scheme, with the first train, an 8800 series set entering service from 29 August 2014.[5]


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