Sherwood Content

Sherwood Content is a small town in Trelawny Parish, Jamaica. It consists of two adjoining villages, Sherwood and Content. It is the home town of world record sprinter Usain Bolt. It contains the Sherwood Content Health Centre, a post office,[1] Waldensia Baptist Church and Waldensia Primary School. Bolt has funded over $3 million in repairs to the health centre and gave the green light to a memorandum of understanding between the National People's Co-operative Bank (NPCB) and the Ministry of Health.[2][3] The village contains a number of dilapidated 19th-century houses. William Knibb was reported to have shown an early interest in the area; Sherwood is associated with the Dawkins family.[4]

Sherwood Content
Small Town
Sherwood Content
Coordinates: 18°23′26″N 77°37′49″W
Country Jamaica
ParishTrelawny Parish
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)

Notable People

Jamaican athlete, Olympic gold medalist and world record runner Usain Bolt was born and raised in Sherwood Content.


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