Sherman Library and Gardens

The Sherman Library and Gardens (2.2 acres) are botanical gardens located at 2647 East Coast Highway, Corona del Mar, California. They are open to the public every day but major holidays; an admission fee is charged most days.

Today's garden began in 1955 when Arnold D. Haskell (1895–1977) bought the Norman's Nursery property. Mr. Haskell named the Library and Gardens after his mentor and benefactor, M. H. Sherman (1853–1932).

The gardens include patios and conservatories, seasonal flower beds, and fountains. Collections range from desert plants to tropical vegetation. The Cactus and Succulent Garden includes a California pepper tree. A tropical conservatory features orchids, heliconias, and gingers. The Rose Garden features roses, the Fern Grotto exhibits mature staghorn ferns, the Japanese Garden includes a bo tree, and the Herb Garden shows a variety of herbs, including chocolate and orange-mint, tri-color and society garlic.

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