Sheridan Square Playhouse

The Sheridan Square Playhouse was an Off-Broadway theatre in New York City that was active from 1958 through the early 1990s. Closed as a theatre in 1996, the theatre was located at 99 7th Avenue South in Greenwich Village.[1]

Sheridan Square Playhouse
Address99 Seventh Avenue South
LocationNew York, New York
Coordinates40.733031°N 74.002866°W / 40.733031; -74.002866
Opened6 May 1958 (1958-05-06)
Closed1996 (as a theatre)


Prior to being a theatre, the building was host to The Nut Club, a famous nightclub frequented by people such as Lionel Barrymore, Jimmy Durante, Eddie Cantor, and Mae West. The building was originally built as a garage, on the foundations of a church demolished in 1917 for the construction of the IRT 7th Avenue line.

The Sheridan Square Playhouse opened on May 6, 1958 with a production of Jacinto Benavente's 1907 play (Los Intereses Creados) The Bonds of Interest. It soon hosted the two-year revival of musical Leave It to Jane.[2] The theatre became the home of the Circle Repertory Company in 1972, hosting their plays through the 1993-1994 theatre season, after which the company relocated to the Circle in the Square Theatre's former home at 159 Bleecker Street.[3]

The last production at the theatre was Graydon Royce and Geoffrey C. Ewing's (who also starred in) Ali in 1992[4] The building became a restaurant and jazz club under the name, "Garage Restaurant and Cafe" which closed in 2015.[5]


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