Shards of Pol-Pottery

Shards of Pol-Pottery: The 2001 Remixes is an EP by Alec Empire and El-P, the title track of which is a re-production of the song "Megaton B-Boy" from the 1999 Handsome Boy Modelling School album So... How's Your Girl?. The EP contains 12 different versions of the songs including remixes, instrumentals and an a cappella.

Shards of Pol-Pottery
EP by
Recorded1999, 2001
LabelDigital Hardcore Recordings
ProducerAlec Empire
Alec Empire chronology
Alec Empire vs. Elvis Presley
Shards of Pol-Pottery
Intelligence and Sacrifice

Track listing

CD (enhanced)

  1. (Hard Mix)
  2. (A Capella)
  3. (Hard Beats)
  4. (Hard Beats & Voice)
  5. (Hard Instrumental)
  6. (String Mix)
  7. (String Mix Instrumental)
  8. (String Beats)
  9. (String Beats & Vocals)
  10. (No Wave Mix)
  11. (Generation Star Wars Mix)
  12. (Black Moon Mix)

Vinyl (12")

  1. (Hard Mix)
  2. (A Cappella)
  3. (Hard Beats)
  4. (No Wave Mix)
  5. (String Mix)
  6. (String Mix Instrumental)
  7. (String Beats)
  8. (String Beats & Vocals)
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