Shadows of Love

Shadows of Love is the seventh studio album by the American pop singer Nicolette Larson. It was released in 1988 in Italy only through CGD Records. The album was produced by Carlo Stretti and Ernesto Tabarelli.

Shadows of Love
Studio album by
LabelCGD Records
ProducerCarlo Stretti, Ernesto Tabarelli
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Shadows of Love
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With Shadows of Love, Larson returned to pop following her cross over into country music with the release of ...Say When (1985) and Rose of My Heart (1986). Shadows of Love was recorded in Italy during 1987 at Studio Watermelon in Milan.[1] It was released as Larson's final mainstream album in 1988, and the album would also become her second to last studio album following her death in 1997, after the 1994 album Sleep, Baby, Sleep - a collection of children's lullabies. The album was not a commercial success and soon afterwards Larson began pursuing an acting career.[2]

The album features eight tracks with Larson co-writing two.[3] The song "Love Hurts", originally released by The Everly Brothers in 1960, was written by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant.[4] The title track "Shadows of Love" was originally performed by 1980s pop rock group Wax, and written by Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman.[5] American singer-songwriter Lauren Wood contributed two songs to the album, "Work on It" and "Where Did I Get These Tears". The latter track was originally found on Wood's self-titled 1979 debut album, while "Work on It" was included on her 1981 album Cat Trick.[6][7] Larson had previously recorded another song of Wood's, "Fallen", for the album In the Nick of Time.[8]

The album's sole single was "Let Me Be the One" which was written by Larson and Mauro Paoluzzi. It was issued on both 7" and 12" vinyl by CGD in Europe.[9] Co-produced by Paoluzzi, the single featured "Where Did I Get These Tears" as the B-side. The 7" vinyl single featured an edit of the "Let Me Be the One", cutting the song by approximately one minute, while the 12" vinyl version used the full-length album version. The single, like the album, was not a commercial success,[10][11] and proved to be Larson's last single release.[12] During 1988, Larson contributed to the soundtracks of the films Renegade and Twins. For Renegade, "Let Me Be the One" was used, and featured on the soundtrack release, which was issued by WEA in Germany that year.[1]


Shadows of Love was issued on vinyl and cassette only in Italy, and to date has never been re-issued or fully released digitally on CD.[13][14] Today, the out-of-print vinyl is scarce and fetches high prices.[3][15] During the year of the album's release, CGD (Compagnia Generale del Disco) went out of business. Warner Music Group acquired the label to form CGD East West and continued CGD's operations.[16] In 2013, Pro Music issued a promotional slipcase CD of the album, however in an extremely limited quantity.[17][18]

Critical reception

Steve Peake of highlighted the album's song "Rebel in the Rain" in a 2010 article titled "This Week's Forgotten Gem of the '80s". He stated: "The late Larson is a criminally underrated singer-songwriter who effortlessly scaled genres from nearly every available nook of rock, R&B, country and pop. However, sadly, Larson never enjoyed the mainstream success her voice so richly deserved. Ultimately I settle on 1987's "Rebel in the Rain" to showcase here, mainly because I was able to find a full length version of it online despite the rare nature of Larson's Italian album release, Shadows of Love, on which the track appeared. I reiterate that my main purpose is to shed light on Larson's obvious musical contributions. Seriously, I mean it."[19]

Track listing

1."Love's Light"Nicolette Larson, V. Bianchi, G. Bianchi5:12
2."Stay With Me Tonight"Bob Heatlie3:47
3."Work on It"Lauren Wood4:01
4."Let Me Be the One"Larson, Mauro Paoluzzi5:11
5."Love Hurts"Felice and Boudleaux Bryant3:46
6."Rebel in the Rain"Paoluzzi, Timothy Touchton5:13
7."Where Did I Get These Tears"Wood3:48
8."Shadows of Love"Andrew Gold, Graham Gouldman4:21


  • Nicolette Larson - vocals
  • Andrea Braido - guitar
  • Mimmo Bianchi - keyboards, bass, drums
  • Riccardo Luppi - saxophone
  • Gwen Aanti, Daniela Rando, Betty Vittori, Massimo Crestini - backing vocals
  • Carlo Stretti, Ernesto Tabarelli - producers


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