Sexy Toto

Sexy Toto (Italian: Totòsexy) is a 1963 Italian comedy film directed by Mario Amendola and starring Totò and Erminio Macario. It consisted of a mere montage of scenes discarded from Toto's First Night. It attracted around 880,000 spectators, considerably less than usual for a Totò films.[1]

Sexy Toto
Directed byMario Amendola
Produced byMario Mariani
Written byBruno Corbucci
Giovanni Grimaldi
Erminio Macario
Mario Castellani
Music byArmando Trovajoli
CinematographyAlessandro D'Eva
Edited byJolanda Benvenuti
Incei Film
Distributed byIncei Film
Release date
5 September 1963
Running time
100 minutes


After being arrested for criminal activities, two street musicians swap sexy stories with the other inmates.


  • Totò as Nini Cantachiaro
  • Erminio Macario as Mimi Cocco
  • Mario Castellani as Guardia carceraria
  • Gianni Agus as Ispettore di dogana
  • Mario Pisu as L'impresario
  • Mimmo Poli as Un galeotto - inmate #1
  • Franco Giacobini as Un galeotti
  • Gianni Baghino
  • Andrea Scandurra as Un galeotte
  • Franca Polesello
  • Kitty Merrel
  • Bruno Scipioni
  • Pasquale De Filippo as Un galeotti
  • Carmen Aul
  • Dodo' D'Amburg as Exotic dancer
  • Laa Baghera
  • Giselle Faure
  • Ya Doucheskaya as Exotic dancer
  • Kristian Ganganar
  • Corinne Fontaine
  • Gisella Ferrini as Herself, a singer
  • Daphne Wollaston as Dancer
  • Ester Masing as Dancer
  • Maureen Warrick as Dancer
  • Karin Meyer as Dancer
  • Marie Stuart as Dancer
  • Yona Aretti as Dancer
  • Gina Sampieri as Dancer
  • Franca Licastro as Dancer
  • Gianni Morandi as Himself
  • Nando Angelini
  • C. Medici Bachino
  • Linda Sini as Hostess
  • Toni Ucci
  • Ronne Aul as Dancer


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