Sexy Susan Sins Again

Sexy Susan Sins Again (German: Frau Wirtin hat auch einen Grafen, Italian: Susanna... ed i suoi dolci vizi alla corte del re) is a 1968 Austrian-Italian costume drama-adventure-sex comedy film directed by Franz Antel. It is the first film of the series Frau Wirtin, following the 1967 film The Sweet Sins of Sexy Susan.

Sexy Susan Sins Again
Directed byFranz Antel
Produced byCarl Szokoll
Kurt Kodal
Franz Antel
Written byKurt Nachmann
Günter Ebert
Vittoria Vigorelli
StarringTeri Tordai
Harald Leipnitz
Music byGianni Ferrio
CinematographyHanns Matula
Distributed byConstantin Film (West Germany)
Release date
1968 (Austria)
26 November 1968 (West Germany)
13 December 1968 (Italy)
Running time
95 minutes


Susanne Delberg (Teri Tordai as Terry Torday) and her friend Ferdinand (Harald Leipnitz) are assigned by Count Andrea (Béla Ernyey) to deliver some documents to his brother Enrico (Jeffrey Hunter), in order to save their family assets from Leduc (Jacques Herlin), the counsellor of Elisa Bonaparte (Pascale Petit). The duo and Susanne's prostitutes guised as an actors' troupe travel to Lucca in the Kingdom of Etruria, managing to save Enrico from an assassination attempt by Leduc and rescue him. On returning to Germany, they learn that Napoleon (Heinrich Schweiger) will meet with Elisa (accompanied by Leduc) in Giessen, Grand Duchy of Hesse and see this as a chance to settle their scores with Leduc.


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