Sex Court

Sex Court is a US adult-themed cable TV show that was produced by 'Playboy Magazine Productions that made its debut on Playboy TV in 1998.[1][2] It starred Julie Strain, Alexandra Silk, an unknown man who played the Sex Court 'Bodyguard', Henry, and of course the people who wanted cases 'tried'. Usually, people would submit complaints like 'My wife's had an affair'. The cases would be 'tried' in front of 'Judge' Julie Strain, and sentences ranged from a man pouring hot, melted candlewax on his unfaithful voluptuous wife's breasts, a sexually-repressed woman having sex with a male audience member and another female 'defendant' being 'ravaged' by the Sex Court 'bodyguard' Henry.[3]

Sex Court
Playboy Sex Court VHS cover with Julie Strain and Alexandra Silk on the cover.
StarringJulie Strain
Country of originUnited States
Running time30 minutes
Original networkPlayboy TV
Original releaseJune 11, 1998 

Sex Court: The Movie is a softcore erotica movie from 2001 based on Sex Court.


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