Seven Wonders of Portuguese Origin in the World

The Seven Wonders of Portuguese Origin in the World are a list of seven significant landmarks across the world which were built by the Portuguese during the six centuries of the Portuguese Empire (1415-1999). The competition was held in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture of Portugal and the Portuguese Institute for Architectural Heritage.[1]

The objective of the list and competition was to promote the architectural heritage and legacy of the Portuguese across the world. A commission pre-selected 27 notable monuments of Portuguese origin from 16 countries across Asia, Africa, and the Americas.[2] The results of the competition were announced at a ceremony at the Portugal Day celebrations in 2010.[3]

Seven Wonders

Image Wonder Location Note
Ruins of São Paulo Church & College Macau,  China Built 1602-1640.
Fortress of Diu Daman and Diu,  India Built 1534-1546.
Church & Convent of São Francisco Salvador,  Brazil Built 1686-1755.
Fortress of Mazagão El Jadida,  Morocco Built 1541-1542.
Basilica of Bom Jesus Goa,  India Built 1594-1605.
Church of São Francisco de Assis Ouro Preto,  Brazil Built 1766-1794.
Cidade Velha Santiago,  Cabo Verde Built 1460-1593.


The 20 finalists for the competition were:[4]

Image Finalist Location Note
Cathedral of Santa Catarina Goa,  India Built 1562-1640.
Island of Moçambique Nampula,  Mozambique Built 1507-1970
Fortifications of Muscat Muscat,  Oman Built 1522-1560.
Ruins of Gorgora Nova Gorgora,  Ethiopia Built 1611-1618.
Sanctuary of Bom Jesus de Matosinhos Congonhas,  Brazil Built 1757-1818.
Fortress of Quíloa Kilwa Kisiwani,  Tanzania Built 1505-1512.
Fortess of Jesus Mombasa,  Kenya Built 1585-1588.
Church & Convent of Santo Antônio Recife,  Brazil Built 1606-1770
Fortress of Bahrain Manama,  Bahrain Built 1519-1561.
Castle of São Jorge da Mina Elmina,  Ghana Built 1482-1498.
Fortress of Baçaim Vasai,  India Built 1536-1582.
Fortress of Nossa Senhora da Conceição Hormuz,  Iran Built 1515-1591
Monastery of São Bento Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil Built 1633-1798.
Colónia do Sacramento Colonia del Sacramento,  Uruguay Built 1680-1777.
Portuguese Historic Center of Malacca and A Famosa Malacca City,  Malaysia Built 1511-1641.
Basilica & Monastery of São Bento Olinda,  Brazil Built 1631-1656.
Fortress of Safim Safi,  Morocco Built 1508-1541.
Church of Nossa Senhora do Carmo Luanda,  Angola Built 1660-1930.
Fortress of the Prince of Beira Costa Marques,  Brazil Built 1776-1783.


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