Seven Pistols for a Massacre

Seven Pistols for a Massacre or Adios, Hombre (Italian: 7 pistole per un massacro), is a 1967 Italy Spaghetti Western film directed by Mario Caiano, written by Eduardo Manzanos Brochero and scored by Francesco De Masi.[1] It stars Craig Hill, Giulia Rubini and Eduardo Fajardo.[2] It was shot in Spain.[3]

Seven Pistols for a Massacre
Italian7 pistole per un massacro
Directed byMario Caiano
Produced by
  • José Luis Galicia
  • Jaime Pérez Cubero
Written byMario Caiano
Screenplay byEduardo Manzanos
Story byEduardo Manzanos
Music byFrancesco De Masi
Edited byGianmaria Messeri
Distributed by
  • Sánchez Ramade
  • Germania-Film GmbH
  • Sinister Cinema
  • Paradise Film Exchange
  • Hunter Home Video
Release date
  • April 29, 1967 (1967-04-29) (Italy)
Running time
85 min



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