Seven Nights in Japan

Seven Nights in Japan is a 1976 Anglo-French drama film directed by Lewis Gilbert and starring Michael York, Charles Gray, and Hidemi Aoki.

Seven Nights in Japan
Original British Quad poster
Directed byLewis Gilbert
Produced byLewis Gilbert
Written byChristopher Wood
StarringMichael York
Hidemi Aoki
Peter Jones
Charles Gray
Music byDavid Hentschel
CinematographyHenri Decaë
Edited byJohn Glen
Distributed byEMI (UK)
Paramount Pictures (USA)
Running time
104 mins.


The film is about seven days in the life of Prince George, who is travelling in Japan for the first time. While there he meets and falls for a local girl, Sumi, who is a bus tour guide. They spend a few days and nights together at her isolated childhood home. When Sumi discovers his true identity she admonishes him for avoiding his duties as the future king (he had absconded from his planned itinerary of factory visits to be with her; he later justifies his absence to the ambassador by asserting that he was simply taking his allotted naval shore leave). Problems also happen as he is hunted by an unknown Japanese Sect who want him dead, as he left one of their nightclubs without paying (having inadvertently run up a huge bill).



The film was inspired by the life of Prince Charles, who was serving in the Royal Navy at the time, and was known for his romantic involvements as well as his need for a suitable wife. In the film 'Prince George' is said to be engaged to a member of the Swedish royal family. [1]

"There are echos of Roman Holiday," said York.[2]


According to York, the film was a big success in Burma, leading to York being mobbed when he visited.[3]


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